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  • webbedFleapit56

    Fuck, I work as a receptionist in a specialist office.My boyfriend and I can’t pay rent next month, because of severe hour cuts to the point that I have $150 towards our $925 rent due the 5th of May.Last Tues, I’m in the break room with the whole work squad and the doctor is talking about how she can kick out her tenants, despite there being a no eviction order.Or a way to get them to pay for the kitchen because they accidently started a grease fire that burned the stove and microwave, and she has home insurance but doesn’t want to mess with her deductible.

    It is just so out of touch.We’re all struggling to pay, though she even noted that even though they’re late they always have their rent in- and she wanna kick them out or charge them to avoid her insurance going up for using it for what she pays for??

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