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Xbox 1sbs X2 mark IV

Xbox 1sbs X2 mark IV

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  • Pureshark

    Didn’t Nintendo name a console Wii then the next one Wii U – a lot of older people didn’t even know it was a new console – should be the dopey dragon face in the middle and the right hand side

  • evilengine

    Sega had great console names, actual names! Master System, Genesis/MegaDrive, Saturn, Dreamcast, Nomad, those are all cool names. Gone are the days of interesting console names.

  • Epic_DVB

    I see people already bringing up the Wii U but that’s about the only one that doesn’t make sense, everything else for Nintendo are distinguishable. Now the handhelds on the other hand…

  • RaiseTheBalloon

    The worst part of Microsoft’s console names was explaining to non-gamers that the Xbox One is not the OG Xbox…

  • FatherMiso

    Reason for issues is because people can’t comprehend that the xbox 4 is the same gen as playstation 5.
    They could just make it easy / troll playstation by releasing xbox 7.
    Then playstation would have to change their name.

  • Whatifisaid-

    Nintendo’s naming conventions haven’t been good since like the Gamecube… I’d say they’re on par with Microsoft. Wii, WiiU, 3DS, 3DS XL, “new” 3DS XL, 2DS, 2DS XL. Let’s not even get into the multiple DS revisions.

  • snagglewolf

    Hold on. We’re really gonna sit here and pretend Nintendo didn’t get clowned on for calling their console the Wii?


    Some of you guys and your revisionist history.

  • XenobladeAndZelda

    I tend to consider myself a Nintendo and Xbox guy, but PlayStation is a way cooler name and using the 1,2,3,4,5,etc, makes it simple and easy to understand exactly what you’re getting.

  • numsixof1

    I was talking to my friend who owns a video game store and even he was confused about which XBOX was which over the XBOX ONE, ONE X, ONE S, SERIES X, SERIES S, *.*

    Sony might be boring with their naming but at least you know what you are buying. I can’t even imagine being a kid and asking for one for Christmas, better include a UPC on the list to Santa.

  • Specimen_Seven

    Microsoft naming their EVERYTHING.
    “This is .NET 7. It used to be .NET Core, and Core came after .NET, but it’s not called Core now. It’s just .NET again. Oh, we changed the old one to be called .NET Framework. Which is not the same as .NET, the framework. Because that’s the new one that used to be Core.”

  • Auran82

    When the new Xbox’s came out, I felt sorry for any gaming parent going into a store to buy their kid a console for Christmas.

    Xbox One
    Xbox One S
    Xbox One X
    Xbox Series S
    Xbox Series X

  • chrisz2012

    My friend didn’t even know there was a new Xbox… And he’s owned a few consoles. He’s not that up-to-date on consoles, but still…

    Xbox One

    Xbox One S

    Xbox One X

    Xbox Series S

    Xbox Series X

    Is it like Microsoft wanted people to be fucking confused?

    Why just Switch out the middle word with another generic word… I bet so many people think the previous gen is the current gen like my friend did…

  • Videowulff

    I seriously have to remind myself the actual name of the Xbox I bought because I keep getting it confused. Is it the 1X, Series X, super sayian X…

    Lousy names.

  • paulodelgado

    Im just glad someone at Sony said “PlayStation “ and didn’t follow their naming scheme they use for headphones.

    What’s the scheme you ask? Just throw a cat on a keyboard and see what it typed.

  • Jeffreyknows

    This isn’t wrong at all! I was looking into new consoles. I ended up going with a PS5 because honestly, the Xbox units were confusing as hell 🤪

  • Ghostbuster_119

    Sorry you think the Nintendo system is better?

    Wii and will U.

    The fucking switch?

    You ask for a Xbox series X and you’ll get one, you ask for a switch and two electricians and a dominatrix will ask what you’re working with.

  • noonemustknowmysecre

    Our naming system goes from A-G then H, I, II, 3, four, V, W, X, 11, III, IV, five, six, s-Ten, t-11, t-welve, two-eleven, 210, 2-IX, S-IX, S-VI, S-Hi, d-lo, f-10, f-150, F-22, B-2 Nighthawk, Saturn V, Jupiter 6, Neptune 7, Planet X, 11, 11 again, living again, dying for gain, gaining for life, LIFE, lithithum iron, NaCl, pepper, prepper, proper, pooper, dooper, booper, boop, dooq, doob, ᓀooᓄ, pooq, qoop, coop, coup, sedan, hybrid, purebred, mixedGrain, full grain, FMJ, HMR, HR, IT, NW, SE, ND, HE, LP, XP, Ex-N, Exon, Exxoff, XXO, XOX, OXO, OwO, and 11.

    And it’s still makes more sense than whatever is going on with Microsoft and the xbox

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