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Wow! premium for only a penny more. 1974

Wow! premium for only a penny more. 1974

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  • healing-souls

    For most of my life Premium was only $.10-$.20 more than regular. Then for no reason at all it started rising to the now ridiculous premium you pay

  • HeadBlaze

    Inevitably some folks would forget to replace the gas cap on cars like this after filling up. Every time they stopped at a light or stop sign and then accelerated away they would leave a trail of gasoline.

    Other drivers would see this and beep their horns and wave at the driver but they just ignored them because how can you pantomime “Gas is pouring out of your car!”

    One day I saw this older woman in a Pontiac where the gas cap on that model is below the rear bumper and with even normal acceleration it seemed like you could empty the entire gas tank. I waved at her to get her attention and she smiled and waved back at me. I figured I could explain the danger she was putting herself in by taking my lighter, lighting it and pointing it at her car.

    No, that didn’t work because I saw her eyes get real big and her hands death gripped the steering wheel and she floored the accelerator. She left rubber on the road for half a block and until she was out of sight I could see gasoline pouring out of her car.

    And that is why the seventies smelled a lot like leaded gasoline!

  • WhileFalseRepeat

    This is the millionth time this has been posted here, so if I recall correctly from the past comments that gas at 49 cents would be equal to around 3 bucks today. And those cars got way worse gas mileage – so we in the United States are actually better off now even with our relatively high gas prices.

  • Important_Box5685

    Damn, I want that old thing back! In my Dino from H-Town voice. I’m criticized for loving the past but, it’s so much more to love.

    Orange juice cost $5-$7 now. Gas is outrageous in cost even before the recent price hikes.

    You gotta be crazy to not love the past because looking back it was better. The money lasted longer and stretched out further. I could fill up for $15! That’s beautiful and the dollar had a higher value. I grew up in the 1980’s-early 1990’s. It was just better( NOT PERFECT, no era is). Just better. Walmart is no longer cheap. No places is.

  • kokoyumyum

    My memory in my senior year of college then, was Gas at $0.76/gal and was rationed, odd plate number and even plate number days. Long lines.

    Don’t know where this was.

  • nine8whatwhat

    You just don’t understand economics, if inflation doesn’t happen then we’ll never pay more for stuff. Is that what you want???

  • Ticketdean

    And, the station would give you a beach towel, a decorative drinking glass, bumper stickers & sell you a pack of smokes for .50cents for filling up for $7.

  • l397flake

    I remember 23 cents a gallon . In those days there was a need for premium for the muscle cars. Leaded for the older cars for the valve seats

  • Fivethenoname

    Modern car engines don’t really care about the difference anyway. Buy the cheaper stuff and you’ll get as much longevity as with using premium

  • Xalenn

    That’s a larger percentage than it is now where I live. The penny was about 2% difference. Which at $6/gallon would be 12¢ but now it’s only 10¢ more. We’re getting a bargain these days I guess

  • sanmigmike

    I think it was about 1973 and for me 48.9 would have been spendy. Had a Fiat 850 Spider. All of a few ccs over 800. Little straight four. Worked at Edwards AFB, lived in Barstow and it was about 60?miles each way. So, round trip about 120 and it burned premium. Had to fill up almost every day and usually I could hand over one one dollar bill and get a few pennys back. Of course I was a GS nothing so it had to be cheap…discount station less than a block from my house. Projects that were going on…F-5E, F-15, NASA had the Critical Wing F-8 and the A-9 and A-10 fly-off was just over.

    A couple years later was pumping gas at a Texaco station at SBP. We had Regular, Unleaded and Premium. Students would hand over change…25 cents wasn’t uncommon and get enough gas to get home. Think Regular was in the low $0.30 area and Premium was than seven cents more. Didn’t pump much unleaded.

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