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Woman doesn’t believe the comedian is 5’4

Woman doesn’t believe the comedian is 5’4

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  • DaringDomino3s

    That was a lot more funny than I thought it was gonna be going into it. Handled that audience so well and made everyone have fun

  • ShivasLimb

    I’ve seen hundreds of stand-up posted on Reddit over the years but this guy is the first non-famous comedian who I found to be extremely funny, quick witted with a great stage presence.

    Just naturally funny.

  • CrunchyTater

    Why does this dude remind me of that comedian who was on America’s Got Talent who had the stutter

    Edit: Oh shit, that is him! Hell yeah

  • ChiTown_Paul

    Whoa. His stutter is almost completely gone! He really kicked that injury induced speech-impediment’s ass! Keep it up Drew!

  • gertalives

    I’m unsure whether this was a setup. Either way, it’s great, but if it’s really all impromptu, it’s next level.

  • sybrwookie

    I absolutely lost it on the second tape measure. Why are these ladies walking around with tape measures?

    I also wanted him to finish that and just say goodnight and walk off stage.

  • Clitler_Youth

    Saw him recently and Drew is a great show. Also the girl that helps measure him is his fiance, so needless to say dude is killin it for all us short kings out there.

  • Snote85

    I’m like 6′ and .5″ (I never say the .5 because that feels petty but it’s important for this story.) I was hanging out with a friend, a family of brothers who are all unreasonably tall. Like none shorter than 6’3″.

    One of them just casually asks, “How tall are you Snote?”

    “I’m 6′.” I say with no hesitation.

    “Umm, no you’re not…” Says their sister that was sitting around us.

    “Why would you say that?” I say, noticeably confused. At which point she does one the things I hate most. She gives no elaboration to a comment said confidently.

    “I just know you’re not.” She says.

    “Do you think I’m taller or shorter?”

    “You’re just not six foot tall.”

    Cue a very similar situation to the one in the video. One of her brothers is now measuring me, shoes off, while I feel embarrassed about the whole thing but too pissed to back down. I’m being measured and when I know they’ve had enough time to mark it, ask, “So, what’s the verdict?”


    “Well?” I ask again.


    She looked at the brother, who nodded and added, “He’s actually closer to 6’1″.”

    She got up and left. No further comment. I still to this day don’t know why she called me out, why she cared, and why she got mad. This wasn’t like a girl close to my age or anything but like an older sister. She wasn’t being cute or flirting. I was never anything but nice and polite to her. It still baffles me.

    I mean, it is one thing to just say, “Oh, I didn’t think you were that tall.” It is an entirely different thing to accuse me of either lying or being completely mistaken about something that shouldn’t matter to anyone but myself. I was even giving her the benefit of the doubt by saying things like, “I hunch and have terrible posture. So, I probably don’t look like I’m that tall.” but she wouldn’t relent.

    It’s so weird. I still can’t rationalize it in my head.

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