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Wiring a Camper Van’s Electrical System from Start to Finish

Wiring a Camper Van’s Electrical System from Start to Finish

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  • Commercial-Rub-6552

    Was not expecting this to be as well produced as it is. Good sound recording, direction and scripting. And I actually earned a bunch about electricity.

  • Summebride

    Just watched a few minutes of the beginning and love her droll delivery.

    As some are mentioning, the amount of insert shots and storyboarding is impressive. But for my purposes, it seems to be extending the length a lot without adding information.

  • Summebride

    I wish I lived in NE, I would totally have helped this sister out. So many steps could have used a spare set of hands, and a few critical tips.

    Loved her, loved the video, loved the cussing that breaks out around 32 mins, and the non-pretentious shots of her sweating and struggling. Few how-to videos are so realistic.

    Was yelling at some parts though:

    * using a level on the framing when the van is not parked on a level spot.
    * electrical wires passing through jagged sheet metal without protective bushings
    * the split wood frame for the bed
    * mounting a switch to the headliner
    * butyl tape as a mounting bracket.
    * no consideration for the jiggling and movement wear that’s going to ensure

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