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Winter is coming…

Winter is coming…

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  • Killmelast


    One of the most intriguing instruments, that I’ve always wanted to learn. Sadly the financial barrier to entry is quite high… expensive instrument and noone I could borrow it from in my area. So cool to see what someone who has mastered it can do with it!

  • floridsymptom

    Glad to see this here. Hrustevich is one of the finest soloists in the world, on any instrument. I’m glad he plays the bayan, but if he played any more well-known instrument he’d be household name in the music world. It’s always fun to re-watch the viral video that made him famous – playing in some small community hall in Ukraine. The contrast between the scenery and the sublime music (his own arrangements too!) makes the video strangely profound:

  • Staygoldponiboy

    12 years ago I found a video of a kid playing Vivaldi on an accordion like some kind of prodigy. It’s an incredible performance and something I show all my friends when we get into drunken youtube clip sharing. Today I learned that this kid grew up and is now a Jedi master of the accordion. I almost cried seeing this. Thanks for sharing!

    Here’s the original clip I speak of:

    Edit: spelling

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