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Why are you so Pissy!?

Why are you so Pissy!?

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  • supermaxmaxmaxmax

    Questions from reporters like this are so stupid, and make me wonder if they have ever played a sport at a decently high level ever. No player thinks like this. For a high level player, your focus is on whether you were properly prepared for the game, and how you performed during the game. That’s really it. Of course there are going to be emotions based on winning and losing, but once the game is over the game is over. I would bet a good portion of players in the locker room don’t even know where they are positioned in the standings or the playoff race, much less the psychology of exactly what is going wrong or right with the team. It’s not that players don’t care, but there are much different priorities for a player on how they approach the game.

  • Needless-To-Say

    I can’t believe a reporter can act so unprofessionally and keep his job. That was horrendous from start to finish.
    I really hope there is some backlash to this.

  • uofc2015

    That reporter is such an entitled D-Bag. He knew exactly the reaction he was trying to provoke asking Drai why he is being pissy. Glad he saw the obvious trap and didn’t over react. I really hope the Oilers tell that reporter to pound sand next time he tries to get access to any players.

    Edit: Just a small amount of [context]( as to why this reporter is a known douchebag

  • MoreOfAnOvalJerk

    This is like when i fuck up and my wife calls me out on it.

    Wife: “why did you do that clearly idiotic thing?”

    Me: “i dont know… because Im stupid I guess?”

    How does anyone even expect you to answer a question like that?

  • Wagbeard

    Leon is awesome and this journalist is a jackass. Edmonton has a horrible journalism industry. An American company owns both our major newspapers and they work with a couple other companies that dominate the radio and tv outlets. Sensationalist assholes.

  • AetherDjinn

    The only thing worse than a weatherman trying to predict the weather is a sportscaster trying to form theories about winning and losing.

  • scaredofshaka

    Most athletes are required to participate in press conferences in their sponsoring contracts – and a lot of then really hate doing them.

  • Mad_Steez

    fire that reporter, fuck that dude, he’d get punched in the face in public for acting like that

    just trying to get a reaction.

  • Mantaur4HOF

    Post-game press conferences and interviews with the losing team are the dumbest goddamn thing. What the fuck do you want them to say? “Sorry we didn’t score as many goals as the other team. We’ll try to score goals better next time.”

    Good on this guy for not tolerating the asinine questioning from that “journalist.”

  • jvcastle

    Reporters act like athletes owe them insightful answers to their stupid questions. They act like their job is so important. Their level of self-importance is mind boggling

  • kkinack

    Yesterday at the game you wore ice skates. Was that the right choice and how do you feel about it? Did you know LeBron James ate a Snickers bar as a snack yesterday? Do you believe hangry is a real feeling?

  • rdrox

    I find it funny how the reporter asks a follow up question about whether showing frustrations is professional or not, but the reporter himself is showing frustrations on the job!

  • stopshadowbanningme4

    why do we keep having these player interviews? the single most pointless ritual in existence. Noone ever leaves these things with thinking “oh wow so now I completely understand that thing that happened thx to that unique question and insightful response”

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