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Why Adults Should Not Review Kids Games

Why Adults Should Not Review Kids Games

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  • sometipsygnostalgic

    I dont care for this video or title.

    However I find that adults tend to be poor judges of what kids like, and that includes within the games industry itself.

    Who wouldve guessed that Fall Guys, Among Us, Flappy Bird, Minecraft, Fortnite, and the latest shitty Pokemon games would be such a hit with kids? And Undertale, and Celeste! Especially with the low quality control, low graphics, and higher difficulty on so many of these games. Pokemon and Celeste being on opposite spectrums, the former having developers that are completely out of touch and the latter being a very tightly made game that people of all ages like to master.

    The truth is all these games had some sort of quality that got kids to engage with each other and talk about them, whether it was Pokemon’s community pet rearing charm, or Celeste’s challenging difficulty in a beautiful 32bit realm, or Fortnite and Minecraft’s creative opportunities. The quality of the games overall doesn’t matter so long as they have the correct base mechanics.

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