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Who is responsible for this ☠️

Who is responsible for this ☠️

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  • EightandaHalf-Tails

    I enjoyed WW a lot more than FNaF.

    The animatronics spent almost as much time in FNaF building a blanket fort than they did actually scaring / killing people.

  • thanatos8877

    I saw a comparison of the movies, so watched “Willy’s Wonderland.” I never played FNAF and had no real frame of reference. Cage was excellent in WW. Also, fun fact (and possible spoiler)…Cage has ZERO spoken lines.

  • BAT123456789

    Haven’t seen FNAF, nor the game, but WW was a good and fun movie. They let Cage have some creative freedom, and he knocked it out of the park. He took his character from few lines to no lines, and it made for a great movie.

  • chewy201

    WW chose a niche and simply owned it. The quality of that movie was rather lacking and it was clearly low budget but the fights, theme, and pure fun of it can’t be ignored. Puts it in a rough place to judge. Want to give it a solid 7/10. Good but flawed and something Id easily watch again for one reason or another.

    FNAF. Quality is much higher. I freaking LOVED how the animatronics looked and Freddy’s itself was made very well. But there’s problems, a lot of problems. Cameos, normally don’t mind cameos but Mat Pat saying “it’s just a theory” over lunch simply ruined several minutes of the movie. Could have done that so much better. The story also tries way too hard and is simply held back by it’s PG13 rating. There was some good kills, more than I expected for PG13, but that ending just failed to deliver. FNAF 3 did that death oh so much better. That death in the movie was just weak at best and how the death happened felt like it wouldn’t even kill a person. Hurt like hell and break some ribs, but not kill and did not compare to FNAF 3’s death that shown the entire body being crushed into itself. And the story. How much of the movie is spent in a dream? This is FNAF, not Nightmare on Elm Street. And Mike’s past felt about as forced as possible as well. Im simply ranting now and can’t say much more without spoilers. Id give FNAF movie a low 5/10. Average or kind of “meh”. Worth a watch, but not rewatching.

  • Father_Chewy_Louis

    WW was a movie about murderous animatronics, the fnaf movie is about animatronics that build forts out of tables ans chairs (seriously)

  • Man_of_Many_Names

    Having watched both movies, I did enjoy both. WW definitely tried it’s best with what it had and nailed it, with FNAF being everything I expected it to be, schlok and all.

    End of the day, you’re allowed to like what you like and some people will have differing opinions

  • Mischief_Actual

    As a picky movie bitch *and* a FNaF fan who knows the lore/fandom and watched the movie *for that reason*—yeah, WW was better. Just…better.

  • ThaneOfArcadia

    WW was fun. – I really enjoyed it. I didn’t know about FNAF, so had no frame of reference. I love Nicolas Cage and I know he just did it for the money, but his performance is a masterclass in doing very little!

  • Piemaster113

    Eh willy’s Wonderland while it was a good animatronic horror action movie, its like discount FNAF with none of the lore, tie ins, or anything. That said the FNAF movie was basically the Netflix adaptation of the story

  • jimmiriver

    Can someone explain to me why Nice Cage kept downing energy drinks so much? I thought it was going to turn out he was an animatronic, like oiling himself up. He even had a timer for it

  • Friendly-Cucumber184

    WW was surprisingly good. I clicked on it thinking it would be a movie to have on the background, but ended up watching the whole thing at attention. FNAF was predictable and meh. Even without WW as a comparison it’s meh.

  • tarnin

    This new era of Cage movies has been fantastic. They are writing characters that allow him to go full Cage mode and it fits the story. So many fun movies from him lately.

  • ogredaemon

    This is the reason why I haven’t seen FNAF yet…loved Willy’s Wonderland. I don’t think you can top that while staying PG. I will admit it’s possible, however, it would take a great story/great writing to accomplish it.

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