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Which game was longer than you expected?

Which game was longer than you expected?

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  • -Benjamin_Dover-

    Is the game in your screenshot “Hades”?

    To answer your question, Omori is taking me longer than anticipated. A friend said the game should take around 24 hours. Yet I just… I don’t want to spoil the game for anyone, but I’m certain I am less than half way done with the game, but I’m 17 hours in.

    Not that I’m complaining the game is longer, it just… Suprized me.

    I also hate the game as well… It brings memories and thoughts I don’t like, but it’s the only video game I play now… I’m 100% blind to everything I have not seen in game yet.

  • TerraSollus

    Half-Life. I did not expect a game made in 1998 to run me a 24 hour campaign. I expected to play for about 10 hours and then finish it, I was blown away when I hit the 20 hour mark

  • Accursedimmortal

    Several games have a sub-ending. This is where you think you fight the final boss and the story will end. But surprise, it’s only two-thirds of the story. You still have a third of the plot to chug along. For some, it’s an amazing twist. For others, it’s a painful and you want the game to end.

    I’m one of those who needs to be slightly spoiled to play a very long JRPG. There’s just so many of them. I usually just want to know if there’s a good twist involved. Or if it’s sad and emotionally stimulating.

    Spoilers for these types of games that never end or have a great post game ending:

    >!Dragon Quest IX!<

    >!Nier Automata!<

    >!Red Dead Redemption 2!<

    >!Lunar 2!<

    >!Tales of Graces F!<

  • Loops-Mctwist

    Days Gone had me thinking I was about to finish the game then boom,there’s a large chunk of land to the south.With more missions,hoards and two more settlements.

  • HustleCrowe100

    Middle-earth: Shadow of War has a third (or rather fourth) act that is totally unneccessary and can go on potentially for ever…

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