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Where my fellow backwards brains at??

Where my fellow backwards brains at??

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  • flippy76

    I’m a Y inverter. I look at it as the joystick being a head and neck. If you move it forward you look down, pull it back you look up.

  • jjbjones99

    Y Axis Inverted here! I’m pretty good at flight simulator and my kids think I’m disabled, lol. I used to work in QC in Automotive industry. I had to measure dimensional data for Honda and dealing with XYZ coordinates is difficult for inverted people, LoL!

  • Enigmedic

    It always depends where the camera is for me. Sometimes it makes sense to invert sometimes it does not. There have even been a few games I actually needed to invert the X axis as well, which may as well be dark sith magic to some people.

  • eruciform

    y-inverter here

    i find that folks that grew up with games in the 80s/90s tend to invert because it was the default there

    or flight simulator folks, tho they often invert both

  • Vik919

    I try to master both of them because in some games you can’t really change them. I think. But it depends on games. In games like Ace Combat, it makes sense to invert controls. In FPS games, it doesn’t for me.

  • Theoneforart

    I think anyone who grew up playing FPS on the PC played inverted as that was the initial setting. I only really game on consoles now but the idea of looking up and down being inverted just stuck, partially due to it being ingrained in me and partially from what other commenters here said about pulling neck back to look up etc

  • tskifgvd

    I prefer inverting Y, but I used to play COD with two different friend groups. One group inverted, the other didnt. For whatever reason, I didnt think to change the settings for my round with the non-inverting group. After a few matches of being trash, I would get used to that style and be decent. Then a few weeks later with ny other friends, I would be trash with inversion for a few rounds until I got used to it

  • nitrobskt

    I used to always be inverted back in the day, but somewhere in the mid 2000’s something went fucky. Now both inverted *and* not inverted both feel wrong to me on sticks for some reason. Luckily for me, pretty much any game where it matters I play with a mouse and keyboard and don’t have any issues, though I’m no longer inverted.

  • lazyfacejerk

    A friend in college introduced me to Quake before it was called Quake. Back then it was just a few DM maps and called QTest. I learned to play with his settings, which included an inverted Y axis. That was when I was in the dorms, so it would have been 1995. I’ve been going into settings to invert Y axis for 28 years. Jeez. Thanks, Aaron.

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