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What’s a game you love that has a dealbreaker attached to it?

For me, it’s Megaman Star Force 2. The story is fantastic and the gameplay is great, but the encounter rate in it is a glaring weakness that makes it sort of frustrating to get through, even for a fan of the series.

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  • EtheusRook

    Warframe is the best third person shooter on the market right now.

    It’s also the very definition of a wiki/walkthrough game.

  • slicksquids

    The Trails series is really good and has some really good stories.

    They are insanely long and every single game except for like two has so many NPCs with their own dialogue and missables.

    This can be a good thing for some people because some people like checking everything but it’s really annoying when you miss a single thing in an entire 80 hour playthrough.

  • chromaer

    I love stealth, and Hitman is super fun, but I didn’t put more than like 20 hours into it, as I want to do everything there is, and the game doesn’t let you and requires you to do it over multiple runs.

    Kinda petty, I know, but I wanna do it aaaaall.

  • wherestheoption

    NHL games. i love hockey. i hate EA and how they haven’t developed any change for it for the last 10 years and even made it a shittyier game. they just change the number and copy paste.

  • Knightphall

    Modern Dynasty Warriors games.

    They are just too easy now and I never feel the risk I did going in over my head like I did in the PS2 era.

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