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What Happened When They Banned Cars

What Happened When They Banned Cars

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  • old_gold_mountain

    I have been using Market Street on foot, on a bicycle, and on transit for pretty much my whole life. Before the changes, I thought that by far the biggest benefit would be a safer corridor for cycling. And it is that. Even with buses, trucks, and taxis still using the street, it feels far safer on a bicycle because it’s just not congested anymore.

    But the biggest, most unanticipated change that I really didn’t see coming was the noise.

    Market is So. Much. Quieter. now

    All that car noise was something you just take for granted as generic city background noise.

    But when it’s gone, you can almost feel your blood pressure drop.

    That constant whooshing sound of tires rolling down the road has been replaced by the occasional bus or trolley passing by, and it just feels so much better as an urban space.

    Really looking forward to what it looks like when they’re done with the complete overhaul.

  • 1Soup_is_Good_Food1

    Id love to live in a city where car use was heavily restricted and public transit was robust, fast and effective.

    I can dream… We cant even get our bus drivers to wear masks, and the digital fare system they designed from the ground up would have been outdated a decade ago. Good luck if you need a bus during non-peak hours…

  • myztry

    While transit no doubt flows better the street just looks empty. There is no bustle of pedestrians.

    We have the same problem with our local Australian mall. People just don’t use retail in the same manner and that’s with block sized parking lots either side of the mall. Then Covid hit and stores just starting going vacant.

    To address this they really need some kind of market style to make it more attractive than brick and mortar retailers.

  • CMDR_Hiddengecko

    I’ll never fold to public transit. Fuck this astroturfing, fuck high density cities and your stupid, stuffy, dirty boxes filled with disease-riddled masturbators.

    I don’t give two shits. I’m not sharing space with randos to go to the store or my job. I’m gonna enjoy my air conditioned Bluetooth box even when I’m in gridlocked traffic because you know what? It’s still fucking better than any train or bus I’ve been consigned to.

    What’s next, I’m gonna carry my locally sourced groceries back from the corner bistro I rode the bus and skipped to, and the bus was full of smiling pleasant-smelling people because wow, we solved the mental health crisis and also COVID? And the flu, and the common cold, and whatever else we end up with. Fuck out of here you don’t live in real life

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