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What game were you happy you waited on before buying? For me it’s CP2077.

What game were you happy you waited on before buying? For me it’s CP2077.

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  • Von_Uber

    After everything I had read and seen of it, having bought it last week it seems to have been polished up really well, and looks fantastic.

  • Secret-Target-8709

    Every single one. Unless it’s ground floor MMORPG like Destiny, Single player games are welcome to sit on the shelf and get cheap!

  • MagnokTheMighty

    CD Projekt Red is an incredible dev company, and the investors really fucked them on release.

    I gotta give them credit, though, because they continued the dev work and fixed the game.

  • OlTommyBombadil

    I also waited for Cyberpunk. Got it super discounted. Have really never experienced any issues with it. Probably one of my favorite games.

    I also didn’t really pay attention to the marketing, I know folks say it’s still not the game they said we would get.

  • Alwayzh8tedtwice

    I bought it unopened for $15. It came with a map, post cards, and some other things. I thought, well, I’ll own the biggest flop ever, unopened, just to add to the collection. Played on the 2.0 release for the 1st time. Free PS5 upgrade all the dlc for $10. Man, what an investment for $25. Definitely happy I waited, cause man did I find gold. RIP JACKIE!!!!

  • royorumbo

    The last time I bought a game on release day was Aliens Colonial Marines. My God, what a disappointment. I haven’t made that mistake since. never buy new, always give it a year or 2.

  • Helphaer

    Given the false advertising and such from th e lead developers on CP2077 I would certainly have wished I waited on getting it and also could have a fresh full experience, but I literally was staving off depression for a full year getting excited for this game to release telling myself I’d at least have that to look forward to.. and then that disappoint ugh. That was ruff given how much I love rpgs. It’s a decent title.

    Anyway, its not an rpg but a sandbox actiona dventure and it didn’t deliver the way it was advertised, marketed, and told. But it still had its moments and now with bugs and performance a bit better despite no changes to content, it can deliver that a bit more.

    But I wish I had waited on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, Dragon Age 2, and Witcher 3

  • lordraiden007

    BG3. I waited all of about 10 seconds after I saw it in early access (about 2 weeks after it first released in EA) before buying it for myself and getting my father to do the same. So glad I waited those 10 seconds, because the game was already a blast even with just part of act 1, and it’s been one hell of a ride since then.

  • Queasy-Secret-4287

    I got it at bestbuy for $10 including the steelbook case. It’s an excellent game but I’m glad I got in after most of the bugs were fixed

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