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What game had the absolute most fun traversal gameplay for you?

For me it would have to be just cause 4 (with dlc). The wing suit, grapple hook, parachute, and hoverboard all combine so fluidly that I hardly touch the vehicles (which are pretty damn good too)

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  • KleitosD06

    Spider-Man 2 with no Swing Assist is like my dream come true as a massive Spider-Man fan. The first game was fun but *man*, the sequel’s traversal is incredible.

    No if only we could get a physics based Attack on Titan game…

  • Uriel_dArc_Angel

    I’d have to go with the insomniac Spider-Man games…

    I’m torn between the first and most recent…

    The first felt a little faster and more fluid in the general motion all around for me, but the second felt heavier and more, “realistic”? Well about as realistic as web swinging through a city can be I guess…lol

    While it was helpful at times, im not a huge fan of the wing suit though…I tended to not use it very often when playing unless the game called for it as it does from time to time…

  • dwpea66

    *Titanfall 2*/*Apex Legends* ruined other FPS games for me.

    Running around in *Super Mario Odyssey* is also super satisfying. The various jumps you can do with and without Cappy are really cool and give you a lot of control.

  • AReformedHuman

    Sunset Overdrive and it’s not even close. Not even OG Spider-man 2 or Insomniac Spider-Man 2 compares.

    I think the biggest part of it is how dense the world is. You aren’t swinging or flying past everything, you are using the environment to grind and bounce your way from place to place. It’s extremely involved and it feels like every inch of the world was designed to be traversed. A good traversal system isn’t just fun in itself, it also enhances the world itself. I don’t think Spider-Man games have mastered the second part (and never will probably, since it’d be so damn hard at that scale and arguably not worth it at all).

  • AmongUsUrMom

    I’m glad to see JC4 getting some love, even though its considered a failure.

    I especially love the Danger Rising DLC. The hoverboard allowed me to travel over water without worrying about getting stuck swimming for all eternity.

    If there’s ever a JC5, I’m gonna be crippled if theres no hoverboard.

  • MilanTheNoob

    DOOM Eternal for sure, the movement combined with a grappling shot gun, Runes that allow you to practically teleport when you melee, dashing & monkey bars make for such a satisfying game when moving around.

    Add on to that all the enemies will obliterate you if you stand still for too long makes it my favourite.

  • Sabbathius

    I adored how the feral druid felt in World of Warcraft. It’s a character that could shapeshift from human to tiger, bear, seal, cheetah or bird. The tiger could stealth and sprint, the bear could charge, the seal could breathe under water and swim real fast (by far fastest), the cheetah could run really fast (at a level when everyone else had to jog on foot, 10 levels before you could get a mount), the bird could fly immediately with no cast time (there were flying mounts, but they took several seconds to summon, and this could be interrupted). It was just a joy to play. Wherever you went, whatever you did, you had a perfect animal form for that location and task.

    Also, if you’re into VR, Zenith is really great. The way it works is, you raise your arms like wings, and you can glide. The angle of the arms determines if you turn left or right (left arm lower, right arm higher, you will turn left) and the angle of your palms relative to the ground determines your pitch (heel up and thumb down, you dive, thumb up and heel down you fly up). It’s the closest I got to feeling like an actual bird, with my body being the controller. You can also grab and climb almost every surface – trees, buildings, cliffs, etc. There are raids where the entire raid team is just gliding down great halls with lava and pillars and such, gliding between them like a pack of heavily armed sugar gliders. It’s a wonderful experience. In a later expansion they also added a grapple gun, which is sort of like Spiderman/Just cause movement too.

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