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“What Do I Sacrifice?” – Luthen Rael – Andor Episode 10

“What Do I Sacrifice?” – Luthen Rael – Andor Episode 10

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  • anasui1

    such a wonderful scene, and goddamn good acting by Stellan Skarsgard. I was on the edge because I kept thinking Lonny would raise a blaster at him, but fortunately it didnt happen. And Robert Emms aka Lonny deserves a mention as well, that was some terrific acting in the elevator

  • Electronic_Impact

    What a great episode, the first episodes i wasn’t convinced on the greatness and some characters who seemed out of place but andor does a good job this season.

  • AdamBlackfyre

    There’s so many things to love about this show. No character is wasted, nor background props like in Luthen’s shop. The characters are all flawed, yet human enough to empathize with even the worst of them. It does start slowly, but ten episodes in, you understand what the early episodes are building up to. Nothing is force fed to you. Deaths happen randomly just like in real life, so there’s always gravity and suspense in each scene. I thought I was overreacting after the heist, but now I really believe this could be the best television show ever if it continues with this quality. If you haven’t yet, stop what you’re doing and go watch right now.

  • hagbardceline69420

    if Stellan Skarsgard doesn’t get an Emmy for this, he was robbed.

    he’s been fantastic from the start, carrying the show those first episodes.

  • televisionceo

    It’s definitely one of the best speech I heard about the power of consequentialism. We tend to always consider consequentialists in movies and films as villains even when they sacrifice everything for sometbing bigger, something better. In a lot of ways it’s what being a politician is nowadays in a lot of countries. You always compromise but you gotta keep in my mind that you are trying to do some good for the future generations even if it’s costs you your sanity and your ideals. The ability to compromise is precious and necessary but I’m afraid we are getting more and more fanatical, extremists and polarized.

    And the way large companies shave been painting consequentialism in media is perhaps not a coincidence. They know the power of hope and despair. They will always give you just enough so you have something to lose while also changing everything to a subscription you need to pay for instead of owning. You are free to buy almost anything and yet you don’t feel free anymore. You feel like a product to be used and be disposed of for the benefits of corporate profit for some tasteless elites. I was surprised to hear a speech like this one in star wars.. I was also sad when I realized that capitalism is so strong that it already internalized Its critiques and made products of it..

    It was a great speech. I loved every single second of it.

  • Arizona_Pete

    The sheer quality of writing and dialogue in this show is astounding – Heads and tails above any other SW Disney+ properties.

  • DebbieDunnbbar

    Aaaaaand it’s already pulled.

    Hey Disney, you might actually get me to give another one of your shitty Star Wars shows a chance if I could see a great clip from it before you yank it, as opposed to just spamming Reddit with fake posts about how great the show is every goddamn day. Just a fuckin’ thought.

  • XuX24

    Man this made me remember how much I love Andy Serkis, he has dedicated a lot of time to direct lately but I would love to see him in a spy thriller.

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