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What are your thoughts on this game?

What are your thoughts on this game?

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  • nubcuk

    I enjoyed it a lot. Combat was fun and some levels were unique and I still remember them vividly (music box).
    However it was not a „real“ Castlevania game imo.

  • GalacticDystopia

    It was such a wonderful breath of fresh air for Castlevania after what seemed like fifty million installments of SoTN.

    This one and Mirror of Fate were so incredible, and then they go on to drop the massive turd that was LoS2 and ruined the franchise again.

    To put it in perspective, we haven’t had a new Castlevania game since then, and that was early 2014.

  • Keksis_theBetrayed

    Really derivative of other action games of the time, but I still enjoyed it. Great, very underrated score. Excellent voice acting and art direction.

    The sequels were…games.

  • IHurtEveryone

    Are… are you an ad bot? Cause the coincidences are strong. I was talking about Castlevania with a friend earlier and briefly about this specific game, and now it’s on my reddit feed… you must be a wizard

  • PapaProto

    I’d love Castlevania to revive and either come back with more of this openness style…

    Or Castlevania Soulsborne-style would be a dream for me.

    I’m just *done* with SideScrollers.

  • AmericanLich

    I loved it. People whined about it being a god of war rip off as if that’s a bad thing. I love that style of gameplay, and I liked this setting more.

    Wish it took off, because that aesthetic and gameplay was on point.

  • Merwanor

    I really liked the story and voice acting, can’t go wrong with Patrick Stewart. But I found the gameplay tedious and repetitive so I never even played the sequel.

  • itemten

    Patrick Stewart narration was fucking spectacular. Didn’t really *feel* like a Castlevania, but it was definitely enjoyable.

  • PhillyDrrew

    I thought it was a pretty good game but the sequel…..imo it’s not that great but everyone is different! Basically this game is Castlevania crosses with God of War lol

  • DonCreech

    I remember liking it a lot when first came out, but I have no idea how well it holds up. It’s often compared to God of War, which is pretty obvious. It also reminds me of quite a bit of the PS2 game Rygar, which was pretty solid itself.

  • lexsanders

    Great voice, lovely story, cheeky clone of god of war 1.

    Heartbreaking ending, interesting sequel all in all a good series.

  • Ken3hi

    If you are a hack and slash fan like me you will definitely like this game i also recommend you to play the Castlevania mirror of fate and lords of shadow 2 and if you like retro games the old Castlevania games are awsome especially Castlevania symphony of the night and rondo of blood , fantastic games.

  • Swordbreaker925

    I wanted to play it until it immediately got massively spoiled for me when i tried to look into it.

    I tried to look up review scores and one of the first results on Google told me that Gabriel Belmont >!is revealed to be/becomes Dracula !<

  • RedShadowF95

    I enjoyed the game a lot. Had a lot of scenario and enemy variety. A worthy addition to Castlevania, overall.

    Game broke my heart near the end though, as my save hot corrupted right before the final boss battle. That was the first and only time I ever had problems with such matters.

  • kayvee089

    Loved it! Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Lots of fun and interesting ideas, but also lots of jank. I’d say the worst things about it are the brutal checkpoints and QTEs during boss fights that can end insta-kill you.

    Makes the sequel even more tragic. They improved on combat but dropped the ball on almost everything else. Especially those forced stealth sections. The writing suffered a lot compared to the first too. OST was great though!

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