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What A Lightsaber Would REALLY Do To You

What A Lightsaber Would REALLY Do To You

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  • PhesteringSoars

    No. It can’t be Plasma.

    They can’t burn “at 23,000 degrees”. No user/owner would be able to hold the hilt 2 inches away from that temperature.

    So, some other (super localized) effect that occurs only if you are IN CONTACT with the beam. (So, it’ll cut through you, but won’t “bake” surrounding tissue.)

    Some effect like . . . an electric fence. You’re either TOUCHING it and getting shocked, or NOT. It doesn’t “hurt a medium amount” at 1/2 inch away, “hurt less at 2 inches”, and “hurt a tiny amount” at 4 inches away (like radiating heat) . . . it’s all or nothing, touching or not.

    The most unrealistic thing I keep seeing: many times (particularly if it’s a “good guy” we want to live) is where they insert and straight-line withdraw to leave the smallest wound track possible. (Again, its “plot armor”, so the “good guy” has a chance to live.)

    I can’t imagine they’d train like that. “Once in, sweep to the side to cut as many organs/arteries/veins/musculature on the path out.”, would be the logical order of operation.

  • Ph0ton

    You know, the thought occurred to me how insane the magnetic fields would have to be to hold plasma in such a shape, with such a strength.

    Then I realized that the true danger of the lightsaber wouldn’t be its plasma, but the magnetic fields ripping reality in front of it. I can’t imagine it would be very fun to be around something like that, but maybe the field is actually very very thin; that we are only seeing the results of this.

    Still, the same fields would be flinging all sorts of high-energy particles around it, and destroying anything electronic within a 200 meter radius. Adding just a dash of science to it turns this into a monstrosity indeed.

  • CypherLH

    My personal “head canon” explanation is that the wielder of the light sabre has some influence over the physical properties of the damage dealt by their light sabre. Different force users might thus deal different types and levels of damage. Plus light sabers themselves are all very unique, having been hand crafted and involving the “living force”. You can use this to hand wave away a lot of the “discrepancies”.


    Also, sabine DID end up in the hostpital and clearly required major medical care. She didn’t just “shrug it off” like people keep saying.


    Lastly…a real life analog would be gunshot wounds. In real life similar gun shot wounds can have radically different effects for a million different reasons. Person A might die on the spot while person B is out and about after a couple days in the hospital, even though their gunshot appeared virtually identical at a surface level.

  • savessh

    I look at it like a gun shot wound. In the real world, people get shot and die, but not always. It depends on a lot of factors like where you get hit and the angle and how quickly you get medical attention. It’s all just luck really. Any other day that wound might have killed Sabine.

    Plus we know Star Wars medical is pretty advanced. They can replace limbs and body parts with hardly any bother at all. Also Bacta is highly effective at wound repairs.

  • wrb75

    Han Solo is impaled by a leaky lightsabre for a full 15 seconds and didn’t explode, and Darth Maul was *bisected* and brought back in canon, but a couple of women take gut stabs and the troglodytes say, “Outrageous!”. I think there’s maybe a pattern we’ve seen here before.

  • RGavial

    The other thing nobody talks about is unlikelihood of someone standing perfectly still when cleanly stabbed by a saber. They would likely be moving.

    When someone is stabbed by a traditional blade, the blade is “stuck” in tissue. They move, it follows (mostly).

    But with a saber, the victim would recoil in pain/shock, or fall etc (assuming they weren’t moving prior) and the saber would be stationary still cutting the body until it cleared. And that’s assuming the person wielding it kept it still themselves.

    I would think the attacker would have to intentionally perform a momentary on/off attack to do a clean stab. Or the victim would have to be so cognizant of what’s happening to maintain composure.

  • amerett0

    Granted, Ashoka was literally within 50′ or so when Sabine got stabbed they could’ve shown her doing some Force Healing to prevent death but then again when Fennec Shan took a blaster to the gut she had to get complete robo-surgury to replace her guts. They should’ve shown it to be a more glancing blow than literally the stab that killed Qui Gon is no more than merely an inconvenience to a skinny female Mandalorian. They could’ve bacta-tanked her and it would’ve been the same

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