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Welcome to the Truman Show!

Welcome to the Truman Show!

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  • Reynbou

    So let me understand correctly.

    You believe that multiple governments around the world have conspired to spy on you?

    And you believe this started with people spying on you in school, with students spying on you?

    You decided to move to multiple countries, and you believe the governments of each country you moved to are also spying on you, and the governments are using this footage to entertain people?

    I know you’re going to think I’m just insulting you, but this is a very clear case of paranoid delusions. You need to seek psychiatric help. I’m not trying to make fun of you, I’m being serious.

  • lewikee

    From reading your other comments in this thread, it’s clear that you don’t think that you have a delusion and that you cannot be convinced otherwise, so I won’t try.

    But I am curious about one thing: do you think other people can have paranoid delusions? Or do you think that everyone who claims that this kind of thing is happening to them is right?

  • safe4workplease

    I can help you. I’m part of a secret society of psychiatrists dedicated to uncovering this global conspiracy. Check yourself into any inpatient mental health center and wait to hear from me. I have people on the inside of every healthcare system. They’ll know exactly what’s going on and have sympathy for what you’re going through. Don’t worry – they are working with me. They may give you what look like pharmaceutical pills, but they’re actually signal-disruptors that will prevent the cameras from broadcasting your image. Once you’ve been taking the signal blockers for a few weeks, sign back into this thread and give me an update.

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