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Wannabe Lawyer Embarrasses Himself in Front of Girlfriend

Wannabe Lawyer Embarrasses Himself in Front of Girlfriend

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  • badandywsu

    This is sort of a pathetic outcome for both parties. The guy is sitting there clearly not driving the car and they are making up a charge on the spot to substantiate their stop. Stop playing games and tell them why they are being stopped and what the actual law is. I know nothing about the driver who was arrested but it appears he is mentally ill and I would assume he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  • timmyotc

    Just a sovereign citizen. Not sure why this is titled “wannabe lawyer”.

    Although I would agree that all sov cits are wannabe lawyers.

    Any replies to my comment can only be made after $100 in bitcoin is placed under the overpass by 73 in a red bin, addressed to “D. Kruger”

  • badandywsu

    Since I’m getting down voted to oblivion for stating facts, I would love to see how anyone can justify this arrest seeing as how the officer did not read the driver his Miranda rights.

  • MissDiem

    Current law is that if he simply declares on his own disinformation blog that he’s running for office, he should be released within 15 minutes and proceedings halted until 2026. This also gives him the right to immediately and persistently threaten all the law enforcement personnel, judges, reporters, and the general public, as well as the right to threaten, coerce, tamper and induce any and all potential jurors and witnesses.

  • red_fury

    I’ve been on the Internet since it was basically just the old message boards and forums. I’m still baffled that whenever a boomer discovers the Internet basically all they can find is Facebook and ancient blacks law dictionary fan sites and sovereign citizen forums.

  • Box_Springs_Burning

    Can you imagine how excited he was when the cop pulled up? This was his SovCit moment! His moment to stick it to the man. The moment where everything would change!

    Hope she broke up with him.

  • MissDiem

    Obviously some social media fuelled mental illness at play here. But as a piece of interesting trivia I’ll note that the patrol officer was substantially incorrect/false when relaying this to the supervising sergeant. He claims 3 things in rapid succession that aren’t strictly truthful. He says the driver claimed to be sovereign citizen, which didn’t happen. He says the driver claimed to be a traveller, which didn’t happen. And then he says the driver demanded $500,000 which isn’t the accurate number.

    Sure, it doesn’t change the overall interaction. But it’s noteworthy to me because I’ve seen how incredibly common it is for authoritarian-type people, especially police officers, to invent and embellish facts, and those mistruths are invariably prejudicial and pejorative.

  • MrShortPants

    What’s the source that these people are using to come up with this stuff?

    This guy seems convinced that being “in honor” or “in dishonor” is some kind of real status and I’m sure he didn’t just make it up on his own.

  • Roomy

    Does anyone know the websites these yokels go to in order to get this sovereign citizen bullshit? They all parrot the same nonsense, so there’s gotta be a source for this pseudolegal argument about “honor” and “traveling”.

  • badandywsu

    I’ve been in a situation where an officer gave me a ticket and they refused to cite the law they were enforcing (parking violation). I called their office and inquired about the law in question they were trying to enforce, like the written law in the city. The law they were trying to enforce didn’t exist so no ticket for me.

    All I was simply asserting is that the LEO state the law they are enforcing, as in the specific written law anybody can see posted on the city/county/state website. If the LEO is unable to cite the law they’re enforcing, is it a really a legal order?

  • ishtar_the_move

    Every one of these middle aged super big brain sovereign citizens always seems to be living with their parent and driving their car.

  • Anom8675309

    “hes my boyfriend”..

    To all you single people out there that can’t get a date. Look harder, this absolute madman has a girlfriend.

  • tmotytmoty

    WHEN has this worked? Why do these guys still pop up trying to pull this shit? It’s so stupid. IT’s the sign of a dumb-fuck. They should make a protocol for dealing with these idiots so it doesn’t draw out. maybe some role playing?

    “**AYE**, ye **sovereign citizen!** I must interrupt *yee’s* TRAVEL *hence forth!?* Do you permit *me* to learn your name as a courtesy? Tiddlely dee tatt. tra la la la.”

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