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Wall clock designed and working counterclockwise.

Wall clock designed and working counterclockwise.

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  • Farnsworthson

    Easy to DIY.

    Get a cheap, ticking quartz clock. Remove and open the drive unit. Find the flat metal piece around the central shaft that looks a lot like a rectangular U. Flip it over so that the prongs of the U are swapped (you may need trim off a plastic lug or similar to make it fit). Reassemble. Your clock now runs backwards. Add a new face of your choosing. I have one I made, on the wall a few feet away.

    (The drive has a pair of magnets on the central shaft, and works by alternating the magnetic field across them. If the resting position for the central magnets when the external field is on is north/south, say, the U piece is designed so that, when the field is turned off, the central magnets are attracted to the U – but a few degrees off to one side. When the field comes back on, it’s reversed – so it kicks the slightly-angled magnets away, turning the shaft in a predictable direction – which is the tick you hear, basically. Flip the U, it does the same – but the resting position is now to the other side, so the kick is in the opposite direction. So the clock goes the other way.)

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