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“VR” Gaming in the 90s was extreme

“VR” Gaming in the 90s was extreme

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  • ProfDagon

    You wanna know whats sad? The virtualboy had the potential to be an actual vr headset similar to modern ones. Wouldn’t have had the graphics but could have had motion tracking, full color, all of that.
    Nintendo kneecaped it because they wanted to keep the cost down, which to be fair usually works for them. Also the n64 was coming out and they didn’t want two “home” consoles, which would have been competing with themselves. Oh and worried about kids wandering around with the headset strapped on so put on those dumb legs that necessitated a table… for a portable console.

  • OlTommyBombadil

    I actually played a VR game at some convention in the early 90s. It had a platform I could walk on and my movement was tracked. I had a headset on, the game was kind of an FPS with other players as stick figures (more or less) and there were various platforms you could go between (ramps leading to other platforms up and down, as well). Me and my dad played it. That singular moment is probably what got me into gaming. It was pretty incredible at the time.

    (I was like 6… so this is my memory of it. It was probably not exactly as described)

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