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Vin Scully has passed away

Vin Scully has passed away

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  • Wheream_I

    I grew up listening to him commentate Dodgers games, and similar to Marc Brown on KABC, I’ll always associate him with growing up.

  • EatSleepJeep

    I only got him for the world series and it was glorious. “I don’t believe what I just saw.” is forever seared into my brain.

  • ukfan758

    A hallmark of a great broadcaster is one that knows when silence speaks louder than words. When Vin Scully called a legendary moment in baseball like the Mets final strike in ‘86, Buckner’s Miss, Hank Aaron’s 715th, or Gibson’s HR in the ‘88 WS, he finished his call and stayed quiet for a good 30-60 seconds and let the audience soak in the roars of the crowd and the emotions of the players.

    Not only that but he respected the audience, respected the players, respected the game, and respected his color commentators. Very few people in sports broadcasting showcase all of those qualities. What a long and fantastic life, may he Rest In Peace.

  • El_Carnero_Blanco

    What a voice and an overall class act. A baseball legend and he’ll be sorely missed. From a Giants fan, my condolences.

  • Darko_Millibitch

    Wow did not expect to see this scrolling. Time to celebrate another legend while being sad for the loss to his family and the world

  • typhoidtimmy

    It wasn’t Dodgers baseball unless Vin was helming the call. I mean he was synonymous with every big moment and everyone remembers the Gibson call with Vin’s yell backing it.

    Hits as hard as when the Lakers lost Chick Hearn. RIP to the legend.

  • Spurs_n_Spats

    Even as a Padre fan I loved hearing him announce games. The man had such class and wholesomeness to him. Happy to always have those memories.

  • stuckinatmosphere

    My grandma, a lifelong Dodger fan, once met Vin Scully in line at the grocery store. He insisted she go in front of him because she only had two items and he had a cart. Class act.

  • SternFlamingo

    He was equal to the biggest moments – there were many of them – and he added to them all.

    But for my money he truly rose to the top at the small moments. Man on 1st, pitcher on deck, up 2-1, 85th game of the season and Vin asks his listeners: “If you’re Lasorda, what do you do now?”

    Then he breaks it down – hit and run? run and hit? take the first two, swing away? As the count changes, does your call?

    And then Russell grounds into a fielder’s choice and *somehow* you’re still satisfied, because you were engaged, thinking it through, and seeing the game for just a moment through the lens of the team.

    RIP Vinny

  • davisyoung

    He also called Montana to Clark’s “The Catch” in the NFC championship game, a pivotal moment in NFL history that signaled the end of the Cowboys’ success of the ‘70s and the beginning of the 49ers’ dynasty in the ‘80s.

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