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Vikings: Valhalla | Official Teaser | Netflix

Vikings: Valhalla | Official Teaser | Netflix

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  • yazzy1233

    I’m excited! I’ve been waiting for this for so long.

    r/Vikingstv will also be used for vikings: Valhalla

    Edit: do you guys hear that? It’s the lack of british accents from the vikings… I was so worried that being on netflix they were gonna make everyone british sounding like they did with the last kingdom and pretty much every other historical drama

  • Madao16

    Last Kindgom is ending after the season 5 and the movie so this show can fill the gap for the genre and it seems like Netflix is trusting it because they already ordered three seasons.

  • tonysoprano1569

    Its looking pretty great but ngl that main character is trying so hard to look like Ragnar. Just hope the character is actually well written and has his own great backstory and dynamic instead of being a Ragnar ripoff.

  • DarKnight972

    I’m so excited for this… I loved the original Vikings (despite the flaws) and hope this spin off will have a level of quality similar to those first 4 great seasons.

  • Soggy-Airline

    King of Norway, (or a Jarl?) an actual Norwegian figure from historical medieval Norway is being portrayed by a Black Woman actor… like why? Double whammy right there.

    Netflix could not help themselves and just had to go Woke with this.

    Vikings ended with the original show from History channel.

  • MinkoAk

    I didn’t finish Vikings because it the last couple of seasons were really started to make no sense at all. Hopefully it can be a decent show.

  • Deakul

    Could be fun but I’m not expecting much… especially with the casting choice for Jarl Haakon.

    Cause fuck any semblance of historical accuracy, right?

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