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“Unreleased video” “With subtitles” 3.11TSUNAMI, Great East Japan Earthquake

“Unreleased video” “With subtitles” 3.11TSUNAMI, Great East Japan Earthquake

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  • Honda_TypeR

    I think what shocked me most with this event, was how it all visually look. It was the biggest tsunami I’ve ever seen to date and the earthquake happened in the ocean very close to Japan (really bad scenario). I expected Tsunamis of this size (and the way the event happened so close to Japan) it would look more like monster tidal wave (like stuff you see in Hollywood apocalypse movies)

    The reality was, it was just a non stop tidal surge of water pushing inland (not unlike tidal surge from pressure changes in giant Hurricanes, just much much worse). It changed my mindset of how monster Tsunamis actually look. Real vs Hollywood

    I’ve since heard that giant tidal wave tsunamis are possible (the kind Hollywood always portrays), but they are the type that are only seen with apocalypse level (or continent destroying) sized meteors. The speed of those type of tidal waves would be insane too.

    I think on some level the slow and steady endless raising of the way is more scary, especially if you can’t find a way to escape any further up a building or run away from it. It protracts the duration of the fear and hopelessness if you’re stuck in a bad situation with no escape. Versus Hollywood’s mile high tidal waves, where you would just be shit a brick seeing a wall size wave rushing toward the shoreline and bracing for final impact with no place to hide.

  • SaintOctober

    I think this area must’ve had a lot of natural protection. The tsunami didn’t have the forcefulness, either upon entry or the harsher retraction, that you can see in other videos of the event. Still horrific, but they were lucky.

  • bkconn

    YT has been trying really hard to push this video on me. It’s been popping up as suggested for a few days now.. Guess they got you too, eh?

  • bobjr94

    Not like the movies where it’s always a 100 wave breaking over the beach and buildings. More like a huge bulldozer pushing water up a river

  • nihongopower

    I feel like I saw this on TV around the time of 311, so at least over here it wasn’t “unreleased” … still a very visceral first person video

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