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Unemployed lumber worker and his wife… (1939)

Unemployed lumber worker and his wife… (1939)

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  • JadaLovelace

    So sad to see what conditions people had to live in.

    We need to protect our social programs everywhere.

    Also, i’d suck the life out of this sexy beast of a man. Hello reddit.

  • DavoTB

    This is a colorized version of (part of ) the image captured by famed photographer Dorthea Lange, from August of 1939. The caption above is also a portion of the caption featured on the Library of Congress listing, which says: “Unemployed lumber worker goes with his wife to the bean harvest. Note social security number tattooed on his arm. Oregon.” In the original, the wife is shown looking toward the photographer with a somewhat weary gaze.

    Dorthea Lange (1895-1965) has been recognized as one of the most notable photographers of the United States Depression era. This was was one of Lange’s estimated 550 pictures of Oregon, taken during her venture in the region. Among her most notable pictures was referred to as “Migrant Mother,” (1936) which depicted a forlorn looking California mother holding her young child.

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