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Ubisoft needs to take a break from open worlds and bring back Rayman

Ubisoft needs to take a break from open worlds and bring back Rayman

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  • owlinspector

    Sure… But Legends was such a polished masterpiece that it kinda killed the series. Where to go when the last game was the best 2d platformer ever made?

  • No_Tamanegi

    I’m not sure I want a Rayman game without Michel Ancel’s involvement.

    Then again, who knows? The best DOOM games were made without John Romero.

  • Shogun_Turnip

    I swear to god if they bring him back to put him in an open world platformer and there’s those goddamn towers again I’m going to lose it.

  • Gheovgos

    They need to bring back Prince of Persia 3D too. Sands of time, warrior within, two thrones, they were so damn good. My dream is Prince of Persia with the quality of God Of War 4/Ragnarok


    Man I fucking loved Hoodlum Havoc. That shit was cash money. Another game sorta like that would be sick. Hoodlum Havoc 2. I really, really don’t give a damn about the 2D platformer Rayman games. I just don’t. I don’t find them fun or even entertaining at all.

    I had enough of it already back on my Gameboy XP

  • GuruChaz

    I really liked Immortals: Fenyx Rising for the gameplay. I wish they could make quality games like that without all the stupid microtransactions they have stuck in their games.

  • Flemtality

    The only thing I desperately want from Ubisoft is a Blood Dragon sequel of some kind.

    Far Cry 6: Blood Dragon 2, or whatever they want to call it. Gimme gimme. It has been over ten damn years.

  • BoxedElderGnome

    I kinda feel like that with sailing & RPG mechanics playing such a large role in newer Assassins Creed games.

    Like I’d rather they just make a pirate game or an RPG, than try to insert them into pre-existing franchises.

  • Podunk_Boy89

    So let me preface this with saying that I very much do like Rayman. I’m just trying to give information.

    So there actually was public musings by Ubisoft individuals about another Rayman. In 2017 I believe it was, Michael Ancel, Rayman’s creator, discussed his desire to do another Rayman game, even hinting it may finally be the fabled Rayman 4. However, he added this caveat. The game will not start development until after Beyond Good & Evil 2 was done. You might notice the issue here. *Beyond Good & Evil 2 still hasn’t released*.

    Beyond that though, there’s another problem. Ancel left the company a few years back. I believe he studies animals now. The guy has been directly involved with every Rayman except 3. He was the one that spearheaded the return with Origins. It’s unlikely Rayman happens without him involved. Unfortunately, he’s unlikely to return to the company since shortly after leaving Ubisoft, he was accused of sexual harassment. It could easily turn into a PR headache to rehire him.

    But let’s further consider that maybe Rayman is so popular that Ubisoft can do it without him… well Unfortunately that’s not the case. Let’s look at some sales numbers for Ubisoft properties.

    1. Assassin’s Creed – 200M
    2. Tom Clancy – 82M
    3. Just Dance – 70M
    4. Far Cry – 50M
    5. Rayman… – 26M

    Rayman is only the 5th most successful Ubisoft franchise, despite being older than any of the higher ones. He only barely has done more than half of Far Cry’s total and Assassin’s Creed has done nearly 16x Rayman’s total despite being half the age of Rayman. On top of that Rayman’s sales are lopsided towards Europe and North America, more so than most of its franchises. Despite being a Wii U exclusive in Japan for example, Rayman Legends totally bombed and struggled to sell more than a few thousand copies in its first week. I’d have to triple check, but I believe its total series sales outside of EU and NA are something like 3 million last I checked. My point is, Ubisoft has little reason to prioritize Rayman unfortunately. Almost everything else they make sells better.

    Oh and the worst part? Rabbids has far fewer games and still puts up 14M BEFORE tossing in the M+R duology or the new Rabbids party game. There’s a legitimate chance that Rabbids currently have outsold Rayman.

    Tl;dr Rayman’s creator left the company, nobody else is likely to push hard internally for it with any power, and is a historically extremely poor seller compared to every other Ubisoft IP. In all honesty, I don’t blame Ubisoft for burying him. I love him and I dislike modern Ubisoft for multiple reasons, but I legitimately struggle to blame them for not touching Rayman.

  • Tim_Hag

    I’m convinced Ubisoft abandoned Rayman, splinter cell and (until recently) Prince of persia because they couldn’t figure out how to make them open world

  • CoolAndCringe

    The Rayman SOH dlc felt like Ubisoft dangling a carrot to players. It was so good it would be an absolute crime to not follow it up with *something*, but knowing Ubisoft my hopes aren’t high 🙁

  • DreckigerDan93

    I disagree. Rayman doesn’t need more iterations. The last released Rayman on PS4 is for me, still new enough. What we need are new IP’s.

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