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Tuskegee Airman Harold Brown in 1944. One one the last surviving member of the group, who passed today at age 98

Tuskegee Airman Harold Brown in 1944. One one the last surviving member of the group, who passed today at age 98

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  • Fit_Base8199

    Oh my….One of the few… I wrote a history paper, chronicling the bravery of this squadron, as part of my exams at school in 1969…I received a B plus. How sad to hear his passing. The free world owes them a deep gratitude. But.. I’m also saddened to say..they never received the recognition they truly deserved, when they should have received it. R.I.P. to a true heart. I, to this day, still remember, word for word my footnote….” When will we, as a people, finally realise, that colour equals status…and as such…will only be perceived, in the eyes of the beholder. Is it in fact , not a fact, that the blood of the lowliest beggar could save the life of a king. “

  • dremily1

    I had the privilege of meeting and helping care for one of these gentlemen when I was first starting out as a hospice physician.

  • ProfessionalBed1623

    The Tuskegee Airmen and other black American men and women who served in the ‘segregated’ military with distinction, proficiency, and humility are among the greatest warriors that have ever been to battle, God Bless them all.

    Without their logistical services and actual combat support, our men would have suffered far more brutality of war.


    Rant warning – but good information 🤓

    Shamefully when that war ceased, these men returned to 30 more years of openly hostile racism. Black men were killed and served in VN far more than their proportion of the general population.

    After that war, these men came home and began to rise to great power and wealth but they were still excluded from the ‘country club’ set.

    Unfortunately, the collective white consciousness of guilt caused major government intervention in black family structures.

    The ‘War on Poverty’ displaced black men as the head of the family and emplaced the welfare-dependent woman – with the government’s jackboot on her throat!

    If a man’s possessions were found in her home during a home visit – the woman lost her benefits! If she got a job she lost more economically than she gained economically!

    Was this bureaucracy idiocy or was it by design? Quite a lot of this was corrected by welfare reform and workforce.

    Biden’s continuing declaration of an emergency has suspended ALL of workforce, ALL of the limits on length of time to receive support…its a joke.

    My guess is by design, just as the ‘random draft’ of the 1960s and 1970s was actually designed to draft the poor and marginally employed!

    There is one government employee per 10 residents of the USA. A 10 to 1 ratio of residents to government employee and that is just absurd!

    The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Act of 1974 must be relegated to the dustbin of history. This Act removed any fiscal restraint on Congressional spending by the ‘co-equal’ branches of government.

    The Administrative Procedures Act of 1946 should also either be declared completely unconstitutional by the judiciary or repealed. The executive agencies are writing law, interpreting the law, and adjudicating ‘binding’ decisions in their very own court system!

    What is the most galling aspect of this nasty law? You the taxpayer, when appearing, in one of these ‘courts’ are assumed guilty and you must prove your innocence.

    The government only has to claim, but not prove, your guilt; the agency involved is assumed to be proper and correct, or you are assumed unentitled to their benefit denial being contested.

    Americans, right, left, crazy, sane, black, white, or grey are the ablest and most productive population in the world in the greatest country seeking by far the most moral of all objectives as a nation ‘equality and justice, for all’!

    We are currently in the ditch, as a nation, and the political mood is similar to the political mood of the early 20th century. We pulled it out then with grit and determination, not government handouts.

    Our country is in as fragile shape as our fiscal health, if you think another country’s system is better either work for improvement here or go there.

    We need a country, folks, that’s a constitutional democratic republic, and the employees of our government honor our laws. and constitution instead of focusing energy on determining how to defeat the law!

    God blessed America, may God continue to bless America.

    God bless, America, Land that I love,
    Stand beside Her and Guide Her with the light from the Lamp up Above!

    May God continue to bestow His bounteous Blessings on all Americans and Nations who honor his word, and are called according to His Perfect Will.

    End of Rant of stream of consciousness!

  • MulberryRow

    Thank you for posting this, OP. No archives, artifacts, or photos can really preserve for us the lived experience of these men. With the last survivors’ passing, we all lose the most authentic, subtle connection to all the stories of bravery and sacrifice they represented. RIP

  • yojoewaddayaknow

    Back in like… 1999-2000 our car broke down in Tuskegee Alabama. There was very little around us, but the owner of a small hotel and restaurant let our family eat for free, have a small room to wait on our grandparents driving from South Carolina, and even got fireworks from the local vendor to set off (I was maybe 9-10). At the time I don’t think I fully understood how hospitable these folks were being.

    We drove by the same corner a few years back and the little town off the highway there was nothing but a parking lot now that had been basically overgrown by wooded area.

    Just sharing. It wasn’t until much later that I learned of the service these brave men provided towards our freedoms. Thank you kindly Mr. Brown.

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