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Train to Busan: How to Kill a Character | Video Essay

Train to Busan: How to Kill a Character | Video Essay

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  • Veszerin

    Oh…yay…a video essay. Haven’t seen one of those before on this sub. Certainly not a thousand of them all from youtubers trying to build up their view count…

  • VaselineHabits

    Loved Train to Busan! What the hell happened to the sequel? I think I tried to watch it twice and I’m still confused 😕

  • Swillo29

    This was a great movie. My girlfriend even cried at the end, I’ll admit I got a little teary-eyed. Wasn’t expecting this much depth in a horror movie.

  • DarJinZen7

    One of our top 5 zombie films. Just such a great character driven film within a zombie apocalypse. The married couple are our favorites. Now I want to watch it.

  • Seattle_gldr_rdr

    They should die screaming. Screaming a lot. I mean, really screaming. And crying. So much crying. And everyone around them also screaming and crying. For a long time.

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