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Top 10 Satires in Movie History – A CineFix Movie List

Top 10 Satires in Movie History – A CineFix Movie List

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  • HeirophantGreen

    I watched that this morning. I love their lists because of all the extra movie titles they throw at you for every category.

    I really wanna watch that one with the Bosnians faking ethnic amity for the Clinton visit.

  • aTreeThenMe

    Cinefix ftw. Want to learn about something specific, find a cinefix list, write down not just the list, but all the quick fire mentions during it, and watch em all. That’s a focused course everytime

  • JackFisherBooks

    Robocop and Starship Troopers are great action movies and I think when they first came out, the satire got lost in the action. But over the years, the message they conveyed became more and more relevant. Now, it’s hard not to see the satire in both movies.

  • wisperingdeth

    With Robocop being a satire, and Starship Troopers being a sometimes misunderstood satire, was Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls also supposed to be a satire misunderstood, or was it just crap?

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