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This was on everybody’s porch in my neighborhood today.

This was on everybody’s porch in my neighborhood today.

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  • [deleted]

    If someone gets this, can they send it to me? We Jews love free food.

    (I’ve dealt with this shit for my entire 45 years on Earth, I have gotten accustomed to joking about it)

  • ArenjiTheLootGod

    Oh shit, Klandpa figured out his inkjet printer could make more than one copy at a time, he’s now operating at late twentieth century levels of technology. We’re doomed!!!

  • grapeswisher420

    That’s the KKK’s calling card, propaganda in plastic bags. Though I’ve never seen corn kernels. Usually it’s pebbles.

  • ShitpostMcPoopypants

    Antisemitism aside, they’re 4 for 8 on correctly labeling these people as Jews. From what I found the CEO grew up in middle America and was an altar boy in the Catholic Church. That’s their old CFO, current one is named McCarthy and that is certainly not a Jewish name. Brent Woodford is the most goyish name I’ve ever heard and I can’t find anything remotely credible saying he’s actually Jewish. Same for Mary Barra and she is Finish according to her Wikipedia. Susan Aronold is Jewish according to her Wikipedia, and as a Jew I don’t think I need to lookup Braverman, Bergman, or Cohen, as those are all Jewish names.

  • meresymptom

    Biff definitely stole the almanac in this timeline. Who would have thought that America would be dealing with bona-fide Nazis in 2022? It’s just crazy.

  • Moms4Crack

    What did you expect with stars like Mickey Mousekavitz, Donald Duckberg, and Snow Weitz?

    To be serious, the persistence of antisemitism is disheartening; but we can fight it and we can change hearts. We have to recognize who is pushing it and call them out and expose it. We have to expose the code words and dog-whistles and the politicians hiding behind them. We don’t have to agree with the POV ov every identity – just that we are all deserve ng of respect and human rights and that good policies are good faith compromises by people who share a vision of making peoples’ lives better.

  • SaintedRomaine

    The reason for the corn is because it’s a bag with a little heft, so it be thrown from the street from, say, the back of a pickup truck. It won’t break or make a lot of noise like a brick, rock or bag of pebbles would, and the ziplock bag keeps the hateful scapegoating message easy to read.

  • centaurquestions

    Jay Rasulo: not Jewish, hasn’t worked for Disney in 7 years. Mary Barra: not Jewish. Bob Chapek: not Jewish. These goddamn anti-Semites can’t even get their facts right.

  • kwakenomics

    Why is the logical end of every fascist ideology ‘therefore, we must be antisemetic?’ Also, has this been cropping up more and more lately or are we just paying more attention?

  • melouofs

    Anti semitism seems to have ramped up quite a bit these past few years, and I don’t get why. There’s been no major situation like terrorism, etc, involving Jewish people. I mean p, if you want to vilify a group, how about rural white men? They were the overwhelming participants in the attempted overthrow of our government, or how about evangelicals? They’ve been up to some truly shady and unAmerican crap this past decade…

  • Matt8992


    A couple in West Georgia are the ones that have been spreading these baggies. They’ve already been stopped by the police and admitted to throwing around 600 baggies. I guess they are still going at it since it was here this morning.

    Edit: I reached out to Fox 5 Atlanta. They wanted me to go on camera and interview about it. I said no lol.

    Edit 2: Proof this is a thing:

  • Khaotic1987

    They were throwing these flyers with bags of rice in it over in my city as well a while back. They sprung for the colored version of the flyers near me. Your area’s KKK obviously couldn’t afford the deluxe anti semitic and homophobic flyers the morons over here had.

  • toomanyhumans99

    As a gay person who apparently has the power to summon earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes upon the USA with sinful magical GAY SEX, I want to form a dark energy covenant with the Jews to unleash magic the likes of which the world has never seen! Their greatest fear will come to pass: all the heterosexual Christians will become gay and Jewish!!! And everyone will have free healthcare!

  • Exceon

    Crazy that belonging to a popular religion is enough to indict you according to these people.

    Guess what I just learned! Evry single president of the United States was and has been a christian! Can their “christian church” be trusted? What are they up to? Why is no one talking about this??

  • Heitrusan

    Why is antisemitism so fucking popular again?

    Bro, I swear to god, these dumbfucks are everywhere and even tried convincing one of my friends about it. He thought for a second it might have been true until I told his stupid ass how fucking braindead he must be to think that the world’s problems all stem from fucking Jewish people; literally one of the most targetted people in the fucking world who have suffered from religious persecution.

    Do people just fucking forget history, or what? You fucking learn exactly why Jewish people are where they are from fucking school.

    How are mother fuckers getting stupider every year, I can’t even right now.

  • Necessary_Row_4889

    Walt is rolling in his cryogenic freezer at that. He didn’t spend so much money supporting the American Nazi party just for someone to call him Jewish.

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