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This is egregious.

This is egregious.

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  • minion71

    3875$ personally as soon a game ask me for money to win. It go straight in the uninstall bin!!!! This game a pure scam!!

  • Asgeras

    My first 5 gem appeared at $275. C’mon… that’s only equivalent to the gross of a full workweek at minimum wage in the US.

  • Dry-Narwhal3337

    Imagine you went to the store and saw this sign.
    “Only $30 for a chance to own this item”
    I have no problem with microtransactions in games but I hate these gambling mechanics, just sell me the damn item.

  • HalberdReborn

    It only took me $1400 to get one and got another on the next spin

    I guess I’m lucky but still even $1400 for 2 is disgusting

    (This is a game op linked it in another comment I legit don’t even have that kinda money I’m a broke graduate student)

  • MonkeyAss12393

    $300 for me , still that shitstain of a game isn’t touching any of my devices.

    I never played any diablo game and some time back i thought I would try immortal to see what it was all about, guess I’ll never know.

    Tried again and in $1000 only got 3 4-star gems.

    Tried the calculate cost button. Got one at 300 again but a second one took 2625 dollars, lol. That’s not all, in the actual game you have to waste time doing trivial mob grinds to get the chest so add time value to this shit. Fuck i made myself sick 🤢

  • pickdracy

    Why do streamers keep pumping money into this game? It’s already been demonstrated the economics suck, now they are just funding the developers for views.

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