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This game (Quantum Break) is six years old, and it still holds up!

This game (Quantum Break) is six years old, and it still holds up!

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  • sovietmariposa

    What’s your honest opinion on this game? I wanted to try it but was unsure because I know there some tv show that goes along with it to complete the story. Like is there good action in this game?

  • Timeless_Starman

    the only bad thing about the game is the live action scenes that are NOT INCLUDED in the game itself, streaming them is legit a pain in the ass, they would ironically work better if they got streamed from Youtube; or if they didn’t add more than 50gb to the game if you get to download them

    everything else about the game is amazing and fun, my god the combat is so dope, I replayed this game like 3 times just because the combat was so damn fun

  • radewagon

    That’s not even a good screenshot. The game routinely looks much better. Strange how such a hyped game is essentially a hidden gem these days.

  • That_One_Guy2945

    First of all, 6 years is not a long time for a game to “hold up” for. Also what does that even mean in this context? Quantum Break was bad when it released so are you just saying that it’s still bad, but not significantly worse? This post is strange.

  • Covette

    This game did not get enough love. It was fantastic and unique.

    My only 2 criticisms were no melee and no grenades. Combat could’ve been improved with those.

    Edit: also the difficulty curve (spike) with the final boss.

  • TheDarkClaw

    I never played either this or control so what is the difference between the two? Heard more people like control better?

  • PudPeteMini

    Its a ps4 game. Doesnt really surprise me.

    When the big PS5 titles will come out, they will probably look quite a bit better. Its the same hardware we still use, so why wouldnt it be holding up?

  • Diaza_Kinutz

    Maybe I’ll check it out. I mean, I have like 6 unfinished games going at once right now, might as well add another.

  • STJ41

    Dude. This is such an underrated game. I loved it back in 2016 when it was X1 exclusive. And yeah, it still has very very good graphics

  • AdAdventurous9970

    You’re surprised this holds up? My man, Halo CE fucking holds up still. The only ones that don’t are mostly ones before 2003.

  • WithFullForce

    The live action segments were too gimmicky and added little to the experience. It’s too bad since they had excellent actors that could have been better merged into the gameplay.

    Control was in the end an even better game in part due to being a more seamless experience. All the cinematics was presented in truncated form in-game and if you wanted to dive deep you could go into the lore section and see extended versions.

  • TheJokeTooFar

    For some reason, I don’t like playing games where they use the models of the actors. I honestly don’t have a good explanation as to why, it just bothers me

  • Hector_Savage_

    It was quite boring, actually…and the acting was fucking atrocious lmao

    But the gunfights and the overall combat system were not bad at all, I’ll give them that

  • Cosmonautilus5

    I just recently wrapped up a playthrough of this. I loved the game, but I HATED all the work I had to do unfucking the blurry graphics and framerate issues(PC gamer). It should have been placed on the same high pedestal as Remedy’s other fantastic games, yet it kinda died in obscurity. Regardless of my technical troubles with it, I still highly recommend it to fans of Max Payne, Alan Wake or Control.

  • TheJohnNada

    I bought that game several years ago, and I never played it (like so many game I buy), despite having installed it on my Steam Deck 3 months ago. xD

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