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They’re just sounds!

They’re just sounds!

They’re just sounds! from funny

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  • SunDriedFart

    i really need to get around to watching the second and third seasons. The first was so good i left it at that thinking any more is unnecessary but now i think im just missing out.

  • TheLoadedGoat

    Haven’t seen it yet. Just noting that if he stopped at the first, he should continue without disappointment. A lot of growth in his character you don’t want to miss.

  • TMax01

    If Larry David did this scene on Curb Your Enthusaism, it would have been funny. But with the gimmick of “now that his wife died he stopped being nice and just says whatever he wants”, it’s just cringe without the comedy when it’s Gervaise in After Life. Mostly because he started with the sotto vocce grumbling first, so instead of being brazen he’s just being an ass.

  • accordiondelorian

    My problem with the show is in the 3rd series I no longer sympathise with him as a character and instead of not caring he’s just being a massive cunt!

    Series two ends in a good way with him meeting the new woman and then in the first episode of this one he’s treating her so bad!

    The scene where he threw the brick through the car window, I get that it’s annoying but he most probably would have got his head kicked in for that and I can’t relate or like the actions of this character, unlike the earlier series.

    I don’t know, I’m only a couple in so I might change my mind, I also hate those stupid flash backs that are so forced and there always stupid!

  • Least_Ad_1679

    I’m over his “humor.” He has to be one of the angriest comedians out there and it’s overflowing into his writing. He detests everything and everyone. Charming.

  • ThrashMutant

    Is this supposed to be funny? He just seems like a massive asshole. If someone pulled this stunt irl, everyone would just think you’re an immature douche and honestly, he’d probably get his ass kicked by someone.

  • RvH19

    The guy wasn’t even being loud. Maybe the noises were novel but that was about it.
    He is saying you have to be quiet and civil and respectful while being uncivil and disrespectful.
    Is he protecting social norms or breaking them? Basically whatever suits him best at the time.
    I know he isn’t supposed be a character you root for but at the same time his success is in large part due to people living vicariously through his words and actions. Guys like Larry David and Gervais just play mercenaries and get too much love.

  • i_run_100s

    As someone who has family zoom calls and has to listen to people randomly make baby noises to the babies on those calls… I get it.

  • peachstealingmonkeys

    Loved the first season. It had a lot of laughs a just enough of sentimental scenes for the show to be considered a tragicomedy.

    But then he added a lot of more sadness. The realities of life. There were moving. Too moving. I stopped watching because it started to look like.. you know.. real life.

    I don’t like to be sad before going to bed. There’s nothing wrong with it. But I just don’t like to be sad before going to bed.


    Well, a shitload of salty redditors here… We get it, you don’t like ricky. If people really hate him so much, why waste time on reacting…

    Imo this is very funny, as is this show. I love it, I love Ricky Gervais, and I’ll never tire of it. I’d pick an honest cunt over a dishonest well-mannered easily offended person everyday of the year.

  • mcpickledick

    It’s ironic because every joke in this show feels like it’s being hand fed to the audience.

    It’s difficult for me to reconcile that this guy also wrote something as original and unpatronizing as The Office, then went on to write this. How is it possible to get this much worse with practice?

  • torn-ainbow

    Hmm, this has made me want to watch this show a lot less. It seems like the scene is set up for him to make this point, but it just makes him come off as a selfish insulting prick.

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