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The Uncut Palpatine VS Mace Windu & Kit Fisto fight is 10X Better

The Uncut Palpatine VS Mace Windu & Kit Fisto fight is 10X Better

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  • Chen_Geller

    Excellent, but one little remark “classical Shakespearean actors” like McDiarmid often have a fair amount of experience fencing for roles like Hamlet and such.

    But yeah, its clear McDiarmid was not up for the task, and nobody can blame him.

  • johnnyfiveee

    My dad took me to this movie when I was 10 and Kit Fisto was my favorite Jedi ever and my dad knew this cause I wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it.
    After that anti-climatic opening scene of him and the two other Jedi getting slaughtered, my dad leans over to me and goes “Looks like you’re favorite Jedi died like a bitch.”
    I wanted to cry lmao

  • The-Mandalorian

    All the duels in that film were really silly. The only normal one was Anakin vs Dooku.

    Obi-Wan vs a 4 armed laughing coughing cyborg with 4 arms spinning 4 lightsabers around like damn helicopter blades?

    Jedi just standing still as Palpatine cuts through them?

    Frog Yoda again?

    And wow that Anakin vs Obi Wan was so over the top. Basically a cartoon. At one point they face each other and just spin lightsabers looking at each other with no impact.

    Abysmal film.

  • GTdeSade

    Highly anticipated *Star Wars* movie gets fucked up.

    In other news, water is wet and my dog shat on the floor for the third time today.

    I’ve been over *Star Wars* for awhile. I shouldn’t be: I’m a child of the 80s and a total sci-fi geek. But there is just too much evidence that *Empire Strikes Back* was the highlight of the ENTIRE universe and everything after that was a confused, poorly written commercial for toy and merchandise sales no better than the Saturday morning *Transformers* cartoons.

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