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The short-lived ‘Derek and the Dominoes’. 1970-71

The short-lived ‘Derek and the Dominoes’. 1970-71

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  • dukeofmadnessmotors

    And Duane Allman.

    Short lived because their album was released in 1970 and was a commercial failure. It wasn’t until 1972 that the song *Layla* became a hit.

  • you_thought_you_knew

    Duane Allman. The other guitarist that intimidated Clapton. Hendrix being the first. Seems like he got lucky those two couldn’t keep themselves alive.

  • Katy-Moon

    Recently saw Derek and The Dominoes on an old rerun of The Johnny Cash Show and I have to say I was so impressed by Bobby Whitlock. His vocals were stunning; his high harmonies were amazing and he absolutely wailed on the piano. They played “It’s Too Late” and the Cash came out with Carl Perkins and they did “Matchbox”. It’s on YouTube if you’re interested.

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