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The sequel to SEARCHING, titled “MISSING” | Official Trailer

The sequel to SEARCHING, titled “MISSING” | Official Trailer

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  • sevohanian

    Hey guys thanks again for all the support and discourse of our little indie film SEARCHING we made 5 years ago for only $800k.

    We **never** imagined we’d ever have a ‘franchise’ about these stories set on laptops, but it’s only possible because of the amazing word of mouth — especially from here.

    The r/movies official discussion page for MISSING is gonna be LIT in January. But in the meanwhile hope you enjoy this preview.

    PS: If you think this trailer spoils too much… just remember the twists and turns of the first one. Trust me it doesn’t.😉

  • Nakatomi2010

    You should make one about how a file, or video stream, has gone missing, and calling it “BUFFERING”

    It can be a lampoon of existing material.

  • jpmoney2k1

    “Only in theaters”

    Very nice. Despite the creative choice of emulating portable devices, a big screen with a good crowd was perfect for Searching and looks ideal for Missing too.

  • 5ingu1arity

    Really looking forward to this!
    Much more inspiring and fun with original ideas nowadays, in a movie world of remakes and sequels (sounding like an old grumpy guy).

  • SaurabhTDK

    Hi /u/sevohanian. Loved Searching and looking forward to this. Searching holds a special place in my heart because this was the first film I watched after being in hospital for two months. I live in a small city in India and I was surprised to find that there was one show playing in one of the theatres. Watched the film and adored it. Hoping Missing too gets distributed to such an extent in the International market.

  • GamingTatertot

    So excited for this – I still maintain the Searching should have been considered for Oscars, at least Best Film Editing and Best Actor for John Cho.

  • GetReady4Action

    I’m gonna miss John Cho, but I’m looking forward to this!! Searching was one of my favorites of 2018 and I hope this delivers more of the same.

  • TrveAshwin

    Huge fan of *Searching* and *Run* and Aneesh Chaganty. Glad he’s writing this one. Also if I’m not mistaken this one’s being directed by the editors of *Searching* and *Run* so I have high hopes!

  • griffmeister

    Like Searching and this looks just as good!

    Just one thing though, I saw it says only in theaters January 20, Wouldn’t it be more profitable to have it in theaters for more than one day

  • SelfieIgnite

    Looks good! Will this also have some of the background text translated in other languages? Other than standard subtitles, I read a comment that you guys went above and beyond and translated the news ticker and social media posts when it was released in select countries. I’m curious if you have a list of the languages that you’ve done before!

  • Duke_Cheech

    If you guys are planning on seeing this I don’t recommend seeing the trailer. Kind of gives away a lot and I think part of the enjoyment of Searching was going in blind. Anyway, looks great.

  • mrhelmand

    The opening sequence to Searching has me in tears every single goddamn time. It’s the gold standard for visual storytelling to me.

    Very excited to see what Missing delivers.

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