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The Real World: Chicago – 9/11

The Real World: Chicago – 9/11

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  • Craphole-Island

    Some of the other posts about 9/11 broadcasts on here reminded me of this Real World episode as well. I’m from Chicago so this season and episode always stuck with me. What’s crazy is the season just before it was filmed in NYC. Probably filmed only months prior.

  • pishposhpoppycock

    Is that Paul Wesley? I never realized he was on the Real World.

    I wonder if he still keeps in touch with his fellow Real World castmates.

  • ticklechickens

    Big Brother 2 was filming during 9/11 and the remaining houseguests noticed there were no planes. They knew something was up. They weren’t supposed to have any knowledge of the world outside the bb house, but production pulled them into the Diary Room to tell them. One of the houseguests had a family working in the WTC. That episode is haunting.

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