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The Push For More Black Animators

The Push For More Black Animators

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  • Familiar_Alps2534

    I get wanting diversity in work places and jobs but also if certain people (regardless of race or sex) don’t want to go into a certain field that’s fine but if they are being kept out of working due to race or sex then yes their needs to be a push to stop stuff like that

  • Reddit_Dan

    If African Americans make up 13% of the population, does that mean we expect only 13% of animators to be African Americans?

    Does the word black include those black people from Africa?

  • Squid__ward

    Lol anyone here who thinks Disney isn’t hiring talent in animation obviously don’t know the first thing about animation. As far as quality character animation goes Disney has scary world-class talent on their side. It’s well known the industry has been very racist in the past, and animation is an expensive career to get into due to cost of a good computer and software. Disney encouraging black kids to get into animation is a GOOD thing due to the lack of representation resulting from the obvious bars that have existed in the industry since it began

  • MrBlitz93

    If someone is hired based purely on colour of skin rather than merit of character or skills for the job then we are doomed.
    The people who seem to mention race or only see people as colours are the very people keeping racial divides a thing. The silent 99% of us couldn’t give a shit what colour or creed someone is so stop mentioning it… however if we did care then technically “people of colour” are overly represented due to their prominence in many forms of media and culture despite being a minority of the western population… again the 99% of people dont complain about that because we don’t prioritize colour of skin over what makes a person who they are. Take the same paths, make the same choices, reach the same destinations👍


    If someone is hired (or given an award..) based only on their skin color, instead of actual talent or skills *that’s* racist you understand that? With all these forced pc crap you guys just keeping alive racism.

  • Dry-Bird-2993

    One of the most interesting things about this thread is this. People feel they don’t even need to look at the video before making absolute statements about how bad not only it is but the very idea of being fair to people of color. The same kinds of people who ironically say white privilege doesn’t exist.

  • DiegotheEcuadorian

    Why not just push for more skilled animators. Race and Color are irrelevant in making art, only their skill and passion matter.

  • A3_bxl

    it’s up to black people to start studying animation. as long as not too many do that not too many will be working in the industry. this discussion is ridiculous

  • tomandkate1

    Please! Equality of opportunity over equality of outcome.

    Remove barriers that prevent black people from becoming animators

    Please lets always retain hiring the best person for the job regardless of their colour/gender/sexuality

  • Acrobatic_Baker_4713

    Let’s also be clear this story is rooted in its news about The Armstrong Project, a scholarship and mentorship program which gives $200,000 in endowments to support two students from historically Black colleges and universities looking to work in animation. This initiative was started by the corporation Peanuts Worldwide to continue Charles Schultz’s legacy and efforts to create change, which he first did with the creation of Franklin and his mentorship of a Black animator. The new project is created by a white woman and seeks to change the fact that only 3.9% of animators are Black.

    So keep yelling about how this is unfair while you wipe the cheese doodles dust off your fingers.

  • The_Dog_Mohammad

    Imagine hiring someone because of the color of their skin. If that’s not racism then I don’t know what is. This is the syntax error of the left, acting like they’re good but in truth they’re the true racists.

    Also, why the hard focus on blacks? There’s hundreds of other ethnicities that are never voiced.

  • Baltihex

    I wouldnt encourage ANYONE to join the animation industry.

    It pays very little, it’s generally abusive hours. Competition is TOO fierce, there’s too many people willing to suffer for their ‘dream jobs’, and worst, the largest studios outsource most of their work to lower-wage countries.

    So: Low pay. Long Hours. You’re generally not allowed to work remotely, and you’re considered a disposable asset.If you become a 3-D modeler/animator, things are slightly better, salary wise, but the majority of the statement I made still remains.

    Dont get caught up in the ‘dream’. That dies real quick. The industry SUCKS.

  • iDuddits_

    More bodies for the grinders!
    (seriously, anyone considering the field should really reconsider.. it’s only getting worse. Keep a nice fun hobby and get a job that won’t kill you for a few frames)

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