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The most depressing sight, the remnants of the once might GAME, in the back of a Sports Direct on Sheppey….

The most depressing sight, the remnants of the once might GAME, in the back of a Sports Direct on Sheppey….

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  • Afrugnation

    Back in my day, we had to blow into our game cartridges to make them
    work, and we went to GameStop to trade games with actual people – none
    of this digital download business

  • the_original_Retro

    I dunno.

    Gaming is arguably not really “a sport” that fits with all the other sports that the store’s franchise supports, and those game displays are in pretty much every other department store going, even some larger pharmacies where I live.

    They probably aren’t much of a draw and aren’t really selling that well there.

  • K0V0L

    Not surprising, ordering online is significantly easier for physical copies. You also might get your copy of a new game early of the distributor messes up.

  • saesnia

    Walked into the Cardiff (Wales) game not too long again to preorder totk and it was reduced to similar, so sad

  • biffpower3

    GAME was ‘great’ when they had no competition. The 2000s were great, gaming was on the up, amazon was still mostly selling books.

    But then supermarkets started opening their video game section, and then online retailers too, all cheaper than GAME.

    Digital downloads was the nail in the coffin.

    The last time I ever went to GAME was on my lunchbreak in 2016 or so, it was more of a niche game I wanted so it wasn’t in the supermarket. GAME had it on the shelf for £44, when it was a 3ds game I expected to spend £30 for, max.

    I stood in the store, checked amazon on my phone and bought it for £25 +£2 for 2 hour delivery. It was waiting for me when I got home…

    Nowadays you’ll find a better game section in a Smyths toystore than in any ‘official GAME’ behind all the 5 pairs of socks for £3 in sports direct.

  • Lyrakish

    Same where I am. It’s downstairs in our Sports Direct. Where the poor lads working there have to stick by a shitty air con unit as the downstairs area is hot as fuck all the time. So sad what’s happened to GAME.

  • SickPuppy01

    Can’t say I’m going to miss them. Don’t forget this is the company that rips people off on an epic scale whenever they get a chance.

    Whenever there is a new console out they force you to buy it with a load of rubbish games and pointless accessories that you don’t want. You either bought their bundles or went without. Often putting new consoles beyond the reach of some people. Thankfully supermarkets and Amazon put an end to that.

  • Epic_DVB

    Yeah it’s a shame that there are no stores but at least the website is still around so these days I just order my games from there or buy second hand ones from CEX.

  • sAindustrian

    It’s the same with Douglas in the Isle of Man. Only they’ve been given the luxury of some standalone shelving.

    When I was younger we had Electronics Boutique which then merged with Game, and then Gamestation – which then merged with Game. At this point I’d say the largest/only video game store chain in the UK is CeX.

  • DepletedPromethium

    why even bother having it…

    it’s not even in the right order and the selection is pathetic.

    Choices was the game shop for me in my town, every title for every console wall to wall, they even had a few isles for all the latest movies and popular movies within the last 20 years.

    god i miss choices, they sold out to costa coffee.

  • voivoivoi183

    We have one of these in our town. It’s right at the back and it’s on like a raised platform with three steps so gtfo if you’re a disabled gamer I guess?

  • Hattix

    EB, Game, GameStop, etc. had a retail markup of 10-25%.

    Valve, with a more efficient digital delivery toolset, marks up 30%.

  • Iucidium

    I don’t think it’s been mighty tbh, Gamestation – yes. Game is just a place clueless parents went to and got shafted lol.


    Gamestation was the best UK retailer in the 00’s, I was never a big fan of GAME. Sad to see how far these places have fallen. I feel like they’ve shot themselves in the foot by only selling modern games which most people would rather just download, why not sell stuff from older generations too? I get retro isn’t the biggest market, but they’d probably be doing better than they seem to be right now.

  • SmoothBrein

    There will always be a marketspace for gamestop as long as nintendo games exists.

    I will Always buy hardcopy nintendo games, why would i download a digital copy that i can’t resell?

    Also, Gamestop being the only retail location is, and has always been, the one stop for nerds that have to go shopping with their family at the mall. It’s like the one reprieve i have against all the endless fast fashion stores i dont care about.

    There will always be a space for gamestop, stop this slander nonesense.

  • RedEyez89

    The local game in the town I live in lowestoft has also relocated to an upstairs corner of sports direct. Sad times!

  • lcullj

    The fact it’s in Sheppey adds to it.

    Source: used to live opposite KCs amusements (think it’s called cains now)

  • Joshawott27

    I remember the days when my city had two GAME stores, a Gamestation, and an independent game store all within a 10 minute walk of each other. Now, only a single GAME remains.

    The weirdest thing about the GAME sections in other stores, is that… they don’t fit in with GAME’s audience? While in London, I saw one that was in the back of a high end looking clothes store???

  • ILoveRegenHealth

    The digital download revolution moved fast. I didn’t even expect it to overtake physical media that quickly.

    Not just games but sales of Blu-Ray discs for movies are dying off fast too.

    Future kids gonna grow up and not realize that, yes, we once went *inside* stores to buy music, games and movies!

  • Ill-Warning-9260

    I don’t know. I think it’s pretty cool that I can just instantly download my games now. One thing I definitely miss is the midnight launches for some reason. Those were always killer.

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