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The minesweeping ship my grandfather served on during WWII (YMS-326)

The minesweeping ship my grandfather served on during WWII (YMS-326)

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  • Sid15666

    I served 3 1/2 years on a ocean going minesweeper 75-79 and life expectancy in live minefield was about 20 minutes is what they told us. Wooden boats and iron men is what we were told!

  • gwferguson

    During WWII my father was an officer on YMS-386, then later YMS-485 in the Pacific Theater of Operations. Typical of his generation, he never spoke much about it except once in a great while when he would mention sailing through Typhoon Louise near Okinawa in 1945 as if it were no big deal. It had been—a 58% roll, a near-collision with another mine sweeper, mountainous swells, wind-driven seas… only four of thirteen ships made the journey successfully.

    Wooden boats and iron men, indeed. And your grandfather was in a place where survival in the water was measured in seconds.

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