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THE MIDNIGHT CLUB | Official Trailer | Netflix

THE MIDNIGHT CLUB | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  • MarvelsGrantMan136

    Premieres October 7 on Netflix:

    >The drama, based on the works of teen horror icon Christopher Pike, takes place at Brightcliffe Hospice, “a place for terminal teenagers to transition on their own terms,” according to its website. Ilonka, a girl with hopes of going to Stanford University, finds herself here after learning that she has thyroid cancer. As she will come to discover, the hospice comes with its own unique history.

    >Every night at the stroke of midnight, eight of the teenage Brightcliffe residents sneak into the library to tell each other ghost stories — or as they say, “make ghosts” — and look for signs of life beyond death. They call themselves the Midnight Club.

  • inksmudgedhands

    I know I should have been paying attention to the plot and the actors but all I could think while the trailer played was, *”Whoa, I haven’t heard this song in years! YEARS!!!”*

    For you, youngin’s the song is [“Possum Kingdom” by The Toadies](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkwD5rQ-_d4&ab_channel=TheToadiesVEVO) The song was at one point *everywhere* in the 90’s. Like you could not escape it. No matter what genre you were a fan of, you knew this song.

  • flipperkip97

    I watched Flanagan’s last three shows back to back and I really liked them all. Midnight Mass is one of my absolute favourite shows. Very stoked for this.

  • lizzieelou

    I heard about this show this past summer and bought the book to read it before watching. I just read it last week, and uh, it is not a horror story, more of a love story really? And the stories they tell at the Midnight Club meetings are not scary at all in any way, and there is no evilness in the hospice house. I was actually really disappointed in the book, so I am hoping the show is spookier and is just using the premise of the book to build a new, scary story!

  • Gato1980

    The one thing I love about Mike Flanagan’s work is that he does complete, true miniseries. There’s an actual definitive end to his shows. He doesn’t leave stuff open for a potential (and unnecessary) second season like so many other “limited series” recently. I hope he continues that with this show, because I’d hate for him to be pushed into the trend.

  • Citizen_Kong

    Just a heads up that this is “just” executive produced by Mike Flanagan, with a co-writing credit for all episodes. He has only directed two of the episodes. So this is more like “The Haunting of Bly Manor” as opposed to “The Haunting of Hill House” or “Midnight Mass”, where he directed and wrote (almost) all episodes. His “Fall of the House of Usher” mini-series will also fall into the latter category.

  • spoilz

    This is what I thought American Horror Story was going to be. Haunting of Hill House, Haunting of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass, and now Midnight Club. I can’t wait!

  • holyhotdicks

    This doesn’t give me the same vibe as his other works, and not just the tone of it, but the way it is shot. Maybe because there seems to be multiple directors for this and Flanagan is more of a writer/producer?

  • Sleepy_Azathoth

    Mike Flanagan Midnight Club and Guillermo Del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities next month.

    Halloween is gonna be great this year thanks to Netflix.

  • Mr-Bane-Vader

    Everyone is saying that they’re excited because his past work was good but… this trailer looks like garbage to me? I liked his past work too but this just looks like CW horror.

  • redfm8

    I thought I was doomed to be eternally frustrated with Mike Flanagan for always being almost all the way there but then falling short somehow, until Midnight Mass which I can say I just like top to bottom. After that I was like alright, cool, let me see what else you’ve got.

    That being said, I can’t say anything about this trailer particularly appealed to me.

  • wiz28ultra

    Side note, anyone watch *Midnight Mass* and *Hill House*, come out of it and think that Mike Flanagan should adapt *The Brothers Karamazov*?

  • BlazingCondor

    At Halloween Horror Nights (Hollywood) 2 weeks ago, Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel were right behind me in the Michael Myers house.

    They didn’t have any security with them or anything, just enjoying the night.

    I was so tempted to tell them how much I love their content, but I chickened out.

    I can’t wait for this.

  • salty_sparrow

    So ready for this! Love Flanagan and was obsessed with Christopher Pike in middle school. I read that Midnight Club is using several Pike books as the scary stories the dying kids tell each other. Grunge vibes are making me so happy.

  • phonylady

    I see lots of people absolutely loving Midnight Mass and I just can’t understand it. For me it tried way to hard to be meaningful, and failed utterly at making good tv in the process.

  • thatoneguy889

    Don’t know if it will have any bearing on the plot, but the song used in the trailer is “Possum Kingdom” by The Toadies.

    The Toadies have another song called “I Burn” about a cult that commits mass suicide by self-immolation. “Possum Kingdom” is about a cult member that died in that event becoming a spirit of some kind and luring people to join him.

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