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The Last of Us Part II Remastered – Announcement trailer

The Last of Us Part II Remastered – Announcement trailer

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  • NerdOfHeart

    Genuine question, didn’t the original game come out only three years ago? How much has changed for it to be considered a “remastered” edition?

    The game looked incredible to begin with. Or is this just hype for the Season 2 of the HBO show and the eventual release of the PC port?

  • 4morian5

    The TLOU1 was an unnecessary remastering, and this is just pathetically unwanted. Ellie is one of the most unlikable characters in gaming and doesn’t even have an interesting game play to make it worth putting up with her.

    If you can’t be someone worth rooting for, at least be someone interesting to watch. Ellie alternates between making the worst decisions it is possible to make and hurting everyone around her, and being just boring as hell.

    I’m not trying to be contrarian when I say TLOU2 was the most miserable gaming experience of it’s era, and polishing the turd a little more won’t make it not a turd.

  • DenzelVilliers

    Considering that you’re gonna pay only $10 for a Remaster + New Content Expansion + Lost Levels + No Return + New Outfits ( *and more* ) it’s a pretty fair price. But I won’t pay for it, cuz I’m playing the game right know ( *just got the play as Abby* ) and I’m not interested to start all over again, so maybe in the future 🙃

  • sillypoolfacemonster

    Great! Any word on the remaster for the remake from last year? I’m concerned that Part 2 will look slightly better now and the transition will be too jarring.

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