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THE LAST BROADCAST: The Groundbreaking Found Footage Film Everyone Forgot

THE LAST BROADCAST: The Groundbreaking Found Footage Film Everyone Forgot

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  • etbiludecalcinha

    This movie was really good until the ending, idk how they managed to mess it up that bad, it genuinely feels like they changed it in the last minute, looks like they took it from a Sega CD game, because it’s just a big chroma key mess

  • All_hail_Korrok

    I remember reading the synopsis on the back of the VHS and was intrigued. I didn’t have the money and completely forgot about it until I talked with a friend. Eventually i bought it and we all watched and were genuinely entertained until the ending. We were really confused with the turn and quietly just went straight to playing halo. Never spoke about it but I still have the VHS somewhere stores.

  • OmniFella

    I wondered if this movie would ever get mentioned. I used to have this on DVD. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the ending, but I respected the filmmaking behind it because they shot it entirely on MiniDV. Much of the “damage” shown in the movie were unfortunately pretty cheaply done, especially since it was analog damage on a digital tape. Didn’t make sense. Either way, both TLB *and* 28 Days Later were inspirational in as far as what could be on on plain ol’ consumer grade MiniDV.

  • blankdreamer

    Great little film and the precursor to Blair Witch Project with its genuine FF feel. I loved the ending. Funny how FF became less realistic as it went falling into some sloppy tropes.

  • jdixon76

    I love this one. Pre-dated Blair Witch by a year or so but was very effective. The attack was very unsettling and I really liked that it was structured like a traditional documentary. I used to shout this out a lot back in the day. Good on you for bringing it back up.

  • argentoromero

    UFO Abduction, or The McPherson Tape, is another oft-forgotten FF movie. It isn’t terribly effective but you can certainly see the tracks that Blair Witch would later follow.

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