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The Hood of this Pickup is Higher than the Roof of this Corolla.

The Hood of this Pickup is Higher than the Roof of this Corolla.

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  • Bonny-Mcmurray

    If the manufacturer can classify a vehicle as a large truck, it doesn’t have to meet certain emissions standards, and they can build it with a cheaper engine. It’s why you pretty much can’t buy small pickups anymore. Even the Ranger, which was barely larger than a car 20 years ago, is now gigantic.

    To sell this process to the public, they run a campaign promoting road fear so that bad and self-centered drivers feel that they need progressively larger vehicles to protect from other progressively larger vehicles.

  • Bicentennial_Douche

    I’m in Finland. There is one Ford F-series truck in this town. We were parked next to it once. It’s massive, it completely dwarfed out VW Golf Sportsvan. My wife was looking at it curiously and I mentioned to her “you know, that’s the most popular car in USA”. She was absolutely flabbergasted. She couldn’t believe it.

  • isekaicoffee

    how come cars arent part of shrinkflation? cars seem to get bigger during the pandemic.

    at least theres one company doing things right: toyota plans to release a super basic pick up for around 20k. the world needs less stupidly big dumb pick ups. toyota will kill the market with new light pick up trucks. bet

  • NihilisticPollyanna

    Pick-up trucks are becoming monstrous.

    My own car was in the shop for a while, and I had to drive my husband’s Silverado. I don’t think I ever hated driving another car this much.

    Not only is it ridiculously large on the road, and I was always worried about not fitting in the lanes (which is silly, I know) and getting too close to other cars, but parking it was a nightmare when I had to get groceries.

    We really only use it for camping trips, where we can pile tons of shit in the bed, and my husband goes on work trips about once a month. He likes that he comfortably fits in a car for once with his 6’5, but he regrets not getting the Colorado, which is a little bit smaller at least.

  • CheesecakeMedium8500

    I love seeing people who legit use these tall-ass trucks for work struggle to get things in and out of the bed because it’s so damn high.

  • PckMan

    I’m 6’4″ and a Ford Raptor’s hood comes up to my chest, and in terms of pickups it’s not even *that* big. There’s bigger trucks out there and some are even lifted. It’s insane to have cars being driven around in cities that most people cannot even poke above the hood to be visible.

  • Scalamere

    As someone who doesn’t live in America so very rarely see something like this about. How annoying is it to do literally anything in that engine bay? Check the oil or even filling up the screen wash just looks a total pain in the arse.

  • ATX_native

    It’s the new Arms Race.

    If you’re prudent and drive a reasonable car where you can use 100% of it regularly and it gets great MPG, you’ll get killed by a guy in BroDozer texting.

    A BroDozer that is NOT being fully utilized often and will only really be used as a real truck every few years.

    The new Hummer weighs 10k pounds! Review a few physics formulas and you’ll see why this is bad.

  • Ryan-O-Photo

    I read somewhere recently that the height of these trucks has created hazards that have negated something like half of all safety advancements that the auto industry has made over the last 60 years.


    I was parked next to a truck in my 2001 Insight, and they left before I did. They cut too early leaving and literally ran the Insight over. You could see the tire marks on top of the bumper, across the headlight.

    I’ve been more vigilant about where I park since.

  • alex053

    These trucks are so big you can’t see in front of them. There quite a few incidents where parents run over their kids who are in front of the truck or suv and they can’t see them.

  • aasania

    I drive a hatchback, and driving at night has gotten rough. The headlights of SUV’s and trucks like this are so high up they’re right in my eyes and mirrors.

  • FauxReal

    Yeah and it really sucks when guys in these pickups are behind you at night with their xenon bulb headlights blinding the fuck out of you in your rear view (at least you can flip it) and side view mirrors (sorry, you’re fucked).

  • camartinart

    My husband and I were driving our similarly sized sedan when we were hit on the driver’s side by a truck (not as large as that one). We were in the right most lane, about to take a right. They entered our lane, which meant plowing right into us—because they literally couldn’t see our vehicle. -_-

  • lazyant

    You can see how pedestrians death have increased in the US. A person can bounce off the hood of car on the left, not the monstrous out on the right.

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