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The hardest part of any job application after age 30.

The hardest part of any job application after age 30.

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  • Thyg0d

    Why does the employer need personal references?
    That’s not even allowed to ask for here (SE) as it has nothing to do with hyour work..

  • SpooktorB

    Seriously personal references like these should solely be for the young, who do not have experience and just started working. That’s how I always took it anyways when I saw this part of applications.

  • shadowtheimpure

    “Not Former Employers or Relatives”
    Whelp, you’re getting a whole bunch of n/a because I don’t have any friends fucker.

  • Twinklingtadpoles

    I’m at that age where where I don’t have so many relationships with friends but I am friendly with a couple of funeral directors and some florists recognize my phone number and have my card numbre on file.

  • Twinklingtadpoles

    I saw an application recently that wanted education references. My high school doesn’t exist anymore. And I’m old enough that my graduate school advisors have relocated to the great marble graveyard in the sky. Clearly their target employees were young.

  • Lucas_lazyfarmer

    “Personal references?!? I’m too busy working to have friends! That’s why I’m filling out this application!”

  • Guntcher1423

    I recently realized that every place I have ever worked, save the last one, is no longer there. Makes it kind of hard to give business refs.

  • DTFlash

    What’s the point of these questions? It’s not like someone is going to give you a name that isn’t going to say you’re great.

  • Agile-Command4372

    I was in the situation where my last references and close friends had either died of natural causes or in Iraq/Afghanistan. And the employer didnt want references less than 5 years relationship.

    Went back to school… solved the problem but still

  • Stinky_Barefoot

    I have happily ignored such and similar requests. I am more than qualified and experienced – you either want me, or you are too dumb to realize what I offer. Next!

  • omaewamounishindeiru

    The answers are usually concerning Work ethic and Punctuality, my friends would absolutely lie through their teeth, and when they ask where they worked with me I have them quote a temp agency or private contractor.

    Yes, moving your friends couch for a case o’ on the weekend can be constituted as a private contract.

    There is no need for formal or informal distinction between private employment or formal employment in any degree.

  • Fit-Representative-6

    I don’t see why any business needs this. Most businesses don’t even use this information for anything. And answering it always seemed sketchy to me.

  • JaeminGlider

    Well luckily, I have a lot of family members with different last names than my own. So it’s really easy to pin them as references and we all know we never talk about being related in the rare and seldom chance a company even actually checks references.

  • Windyandbreezy

    1. Dominoes pizza. I have them on speed dial and they know my order by heart.
    2. My pharmacy, they know more about me then my spouse.
    3. Reddit Moderation Team as a last resort.

  • two-three-seven

    Let me just call up my college advisor and professors from 6 years ago and beg for a reference. No thanks.

    Why the heck isn’t a former employer good enough?

  • Tapestry-of-Life

    Why would they NOT want a former employer? I thought the whole point of references was to give the new company an idea of what you’d be like to work with.

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