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The Garbage Pail Kids Movie – re:View

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie – re:View

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  • LupinThe8th

    This may be the first movie I was ever just like “Wow, I hate this!”

    I loved GPK cards as a kid, my older cousin had a shoebox full of them, and I spent hours looking at them, thinking they were the height of comedy. Then one day I saw the VHS in the video store, and I’m like “Wow, there’s a movie, surely a masterpiece!”

    Haha, no. Giant piece of crap, so cheap, nasty, and dumb. Even 8 year old me wasn’t entertained. I’d watch The Wizard on repeat even though it was a 90 minute commercial for games I already owned, but not this.

  • Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh3

    The character suit designs are probably the most disturbing shit ever put to celluloid.

    Looking at any single frame of this movie makes you physically ill and uncomfortable.

    They set out to make possibly the ugliest movie in the history of film. And they nailed the aesthetic.

    It is like the ugliness of Stephen Miller’s soul was the mise en scène.

  • rhymes_with_candy

    My brother and I were in elementary school for the 80’s GPK craze. We obsessively traded and collected them and begged our mom to take us to the movie. Our family never went to the movies so her breaking down and taking us was a big deal.

    I was like eight and seeing a movie in the theater was a huge novelty for me at the time. As such I remember liking the movie but nothing else about it.

    Like ten years ago I found out the entire movie was on youtube. I watched it again. By the end I felt super horrible and guilty that we made our mom sit through that shit. I seriously considered writing her an apology letter and sending it to her.

    The movie isn’t fun or campy bad. It’s just bad. There’s a reason it isn’t a cult classic in the same way a lot of 80’s kids films are now. And that reason is that it’s pure shit.

  • BTS_1

    When lockdown happened I did “dry April” and after that month I had a nice Pliny the Elder and decided to watch *The Garbage Pail Kids Movie* as I thought it would be a fun time…. The beer made it more horrifying

  • KalopsiaComa

    I didn’t see GPK until I was older and the fad was gone as I was born at the end of the 80s.

    The way they describe realizing they *should* like the movie, but something was wrong and they couldn’t, was the same feeling I had with the Super Mario Bros movie. I even rented it tons of times trying to get myself to enjoy it

    It was one of the first movies that disappointed me and thought was *bad*, and I loved some terrible movies as a kid lol

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