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The effects that people downloading music for free had on Weird Al

The effects that people downloading music for free had on Weird Al

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  • starmartyr

    His biggest complaint about file sharing wasn’t that people were hearing his music for free but that a lot of stuff was attributed to him that he didn’t make. Almost any funny song on Napster was labeled as a Weird Al track. A lot of it was vulgar or offensive.

  • yaosio

    When Weird Al released “Don’t download this song” it was only available on the Internet, the CD wouldn’t come out until later. This means the only way to listen to “Don’t download this song” was to download it. Grade S++ satire.

    If you want to take a trip through the past listen to that song and mark down every time you hear a name of something that no longer exists.

  • Fondren_Richmond

    Weird Al comes off as so insanely accessible, he seems to have figured out early on how relate more to producers and fans than to other celebrities, and fully mastered self-parody; I need to start catching more of his interviews or any podcast stuff

  • Surfintygrr

    Reminds me of the South Park episode “Not a big deal” with all the celebs crying that their pool couldn’t be made of gold or something like that

  • PointlessTrivia

    “It may be hard to monetize fame, but it is impossible to monetize obscurity.” — Cory Doctorow

    Each illegal download is not necessarily a lost sale, but it is *definitely* another person who is now more aware of Weird Al.

  • nowhereman136

    Weird Al hasn’t had an album since *Mamdatory Fun* in 2014. This is the longest span he’s gone without releasing an album since his dry spell between 1959 and 1983. Granted, he’s been plenty busy in that time with TV, pinball, and a new biopic, but I hope he’s got a new album coming soon. These modern musical artists have been safe for too long.

  • honeybadger1984

    His behind the music is hilarious. Second best episode was Vanilla Ice, but only because my roommates and I were laughing at the train wreck.

    What’s great about Al is he talked about how critics didn’t really respect him as an artist. But over time the dude sold multiple platinum albums as well as become “multi-Grammy award winner Weird Al,” his words. It was a great doc as it showed him staying relatively sane and humble through the experience, as he didn’t expect his parody songs would bring him so much success. A fun, feel good episode.

  • ledenmere

    Weird Al is just a treasure. Like everything cool you’ve ever heard about him is true and you’ve probably only heard like .01% of how cool he is. Be more like Weird Al.

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