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The current wait times for new vehicles at my local Toyota dealership

The current wait times for new vehicles at my local Toyota dealership

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  • sla342

    They’ll be releasing entirely new models before old orders are filled. Absolutely insane. How the hell has the used car market not taken a shit yet?

  • Fyrefawx

    People don’t realize how wild this is. I work in insurance. If someone has a total loss and are out looking for a replacement, it can take ages.

  • Swindler42

    It’s like when you go to a restaurant and they say it’s a 30 minute wait but text you 5 minutes later saying your table is ready.

  • IMovedYourCheese

    I bought a new car in early 2021. Had to fly across the state to pick it up because every local dealership had wait times approaching a year or were charging $10K+ markups. Funny thing is after driving it for 2 years I can still sell it for a profit today. The car market is wild.

  • soiboughtafarm

    This seems like what the show you before they say “but your in luck we have a RAV4 that just came in with a small market adjust and lifetime nitrogen fill on the tires, but it’s not going to last long!”

  • chris_4

    I dont know where this is, but I put a deposit down on a Corolla Hybrid last week of December and it should be arriving end of Jan. Maybe this is for custom orders?

  • scw156

    You must live in an area with really small dealerships. I live in an area with small dealerships. I was waiting 13 months for a Tundra. I had bought several cars from this dealership so I was trying to show some loyalty. Finally I got tired of waiting and drove an extra hour to a large dealership. I had the exact “hard to come by” truck I wanted in 20 days. It’s all about allocations. Toyota is really different how they allocate and distribute.

  • thehedgefrog

    So that has to be in Canada, takes absolutely forever to get a car these days, and damn near impossible if you want an EV. It’s become painfully obvious how little the Canadian market means to just about anyone, we can’t get anything anymore.

  • sirguynate

    I can make a spreadsheet too. They are not even attempting to properly forecast – or these are old forecasts. Or this is their last attempt to scare people into a cash grab.

    I give it 14 months before we see 4k cash back again.

    There is no way in hell car companies can maintain a Just In Time Manufacturing model, (without significantly reducing revenue per vehicle), with the Fed continuing to raise rates UNTILL unemployment AND/OR wages fall. The fed has specifically said their goal is to reduce employment rates and wages, yes, this is their stated goal and it has not happened yet regardless of inflation numbers. To reduce inflation, you make loaning money more expensive…. meaning people stop buying stuff if they don’t have to buy it – especially cars.

    Chinese new year is happening right now, and Covid has affected a lot of manufacturing. However, plants are only at 70% current capacity even with people out sick – they are begging for orders and they are not getting them. This is the first sign of people and companies pulling back on spending/buying.

    Do not buy. Do not order a car. The biggest tech car company literally put everything on sale devaluing their new vehicles 10k and used vehicles even more – I smell the musk in the room, prices are going to level out and then fall in the form of rebates when financing gets too expensive to subsidize alone.

  • picklesaredry

    I’m convinced these are artificially bloated numbers so that dealerships can justify high used and new prices moreso used

  • GrayZeus

    You gotta know how to work the system. First, you stop in every week and take them donuts, coffee, and chitchat. Then, after about 6 weeks, you buy something they have available that you don’t even really want. Do this several more times as they put you on “the list.” At some point, you’re gonna have to let the sales manager fuck your wife. If you need to know any more about any of this, just go ask the good folks over at r/Rolex for tips.

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