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The current state of Pokémon (2022)

The current state of Pokémon (2022)

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  • bonecollector5

    It’s probably been 20 years since I played red, but I don’t remember elite 4 being all that hard… or am I tripping balls?

  • TheDitz42

    Has anyone ever been challenged by the Elite Four? I beat them easily as a child and if nothing else Twitch plays Pokémon proves that that the games aren’t that hard.

  • Keirabella999

    Yeah I bet their elite four was really challenging when you first did it because the game was designed that way and not because you were a dumbass child

  • Songshiquan0411

    Look my last nintendo systems were GBA and gamecube so it has been a while since I’ve played pokemon but I mean Gen 1 was difficult because I was like 10. Pokemon can be enjoyed by all ages but you’re on glue if you think they will ever make a pokemon game where children aren’t the target audience.

  • Epic_DVB

    Be honest, the only reason the gym leaders are memorable was because you watched the anime as a kid. Also does the professor named after a tree matter? Sada comes from the Spanish feminine word for past (Pasada) and Turo comes from the Spanish masculine word for future (Futuro) so it adds to the whole past and future thing going on.

  • The_Fattest_Hagrid

    The worst thing is in my opinion, that your Butler bangs your mom right at the beginning of the game AND hands you your starter….

  • xWaffleicious

    I mean I largely agree, but you could just as easily make this same chart to make SV look better with categories like: Open world, online play, raid battles, over 151 Pokemon, character customization, etc. I’m not running defense for the issues in SV I’m just saying it depends on what you value

  • borissnm

    Doesn’t gen 1 have one of the stats (special defense) doing literally nothing, multiple moves that don’t work or do the opposite of what they say/are supposed to, and the intended counters to psychic-types (bug, ghost) not working for various reasons (bug having no good moves, every ghost type also being poison which removed their defensive advantage and having no good moves)?

    Like, I haven’t touched ScVi so I have no real skin in the game, but acting like gen 1 is a flawless gem is dumb. Those games were buggy as fuck. You just didn’t notice them because you were 10 when you played them.

    And this also doesn’t mean they’re bad! Gen 1 *was* good! It just wasn’t perfect!

  • Gingy1000

    “memorable gym leaders”

    bro theres like 3 memorable gym leaders in the entire series if you only play the games, they’re only memorable because you watched the anime

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